How to listen to your gf calls without her knowing

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yes well today I have to show you how to

you know fold all your girlfriend calls

to your number yeah you fold all the

calls that is coming to is one to our

own phone number into your own phone

immediately so what you have to do is to

go straight to a place to get your data

on then if you put it to your play store

then you wish to do is to say call it

says call forward as I do call forward

and she do so as you can see now you see

the one at the top here called photo

chase we click on it so if you don't

have it you have to install it daddy to

open legacy call forward Seth Gordon and

council cover 40

so what per to do is let the phone on

biting and for example here is our phone

number the phone number for example you

can see so you click on Co forward I see

any my code started call forwarding

decision was successful and as that we

pick on Wolfie so any call that is

coming to the phone now actually be

redirected into your own phone so if one

took if you want to cancel the whole

cost for Dean stuff what a tree so click

cancel all coding for can see any my

code started

quickly you can see call forwarding

arezzo warsaw vessel and does that so if

you want to keep getting some tech

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channel and for you know and I bet I

count for you to get updates about - of

load thanks