"How can I hear God's voice?" (Ask Dr. Stanley)

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does God still speak to us today he's

always speaking to believers but we must

be attuned to hear his voice it is a

matter of listening and waiting of

humility and meditation upon God's Word

and of learning to recognize how God

communicates yes Yad is speaking to us

in fact one of the most influential

times in my life was when my grandfather

Stanley first taught me how to listen to

God what a wonderful privilege it is to

fellowship with our Creator our Redeemer

our eternal friend one recent email sums

up many of the questions people have

asked us about hearing God's voice and

it reads I have prayed for God to speak

to me but I don't hear him my faith is

strong and I know he will do for me as

the Bible promises but I have never

heard him say go buy this gallon of milk

don't buy this car wait for what I have

for you am I'm not listening in the

right way or as he got in my everyday

decisions but I don't realize he's

speaking how do I hear God's voice

indeed God is still speaking and he's

interested in all these things that you

name buying milk waiting up at the car

and so forth so your are you asking if

God speaks specifically and the answer

is yes he does let me give you two or

three examples speaking about buying

groceries on a particular day I had a

very short period of time and so I

wanted to buy a turkey for Thanksgiving

my time was really running out I thought

well I shouldn't do this now I said God

just show me what it is like God said go

to this store buy the turkey now against

sort of my will I went I walked right in

straight to the right place the right

pound of Turkey walked right up paid and

got back in the car in less than about

25 minutes did God tell me to go yes he

did on another occasion when I was going

to buy a car I'd had driven this same

car three times and talking to the

salesman about it and while I was

sitting there it's like the Lord said to

me do you want this car or do you want

my best

that's all I needed to hear I said god I

want your best and I told a gentleman I

was no longer interested how many times

has the Lord spoken to my heart about

something and said not now trust me just

wait and I can tell you this without an

exception anytime that God has ever told

me to wait it always came out better any

time that I've ever thought well maybe

that's just my opinion it's never right

when he speaks to you he speaks to you


because he loves you you remember what

Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount

speaking of the father loving us taking

care of us lilies of the field birds of

the air and all of these things and what

does the Bible say ask and it not

something but it shall be given you what

whatever we ask so I would ask you this

question are you praying only when

there's a need or a desire how much time

do you spend worshiping him an intimate

fellowship with him loving him and

expressing that you don't need to ask

listen carefully but what you're

responsible for providing yourself on a

daily basis that doesn't mean that there

aren't some things you should check on

naturally but you don't have to ask him

what color socks you're gonna wear if

you should brush your teeth or not but

I'm talking about the issues of life so

I would ask you this questioning are you

really listening to his voice about your

sins his commands to you to serve Him to

share your faith there was these are

things that don't necessarily profit you

are you spiritually tuned into his

spirit living an obedient life walking

in his will God desires to speak to us

the problem is within you not God he is

more than willing to speak you need to

get in the word listen what the

scripture says the Bible says the

entrance of his word gives light what

does that mean as I opened the Word of

God and began to pour it into my heart

he's going to speak to me primarily

through his word not always but it'll

never be a contradiction to his word

when he speaks he's going to make it

clear the question is are you listening


yielded heart you said you have lots of

faith but is your heart right listen

Reed to do whatever he says that is God

this is the question I have in my heart

give me direction from your word show me

what to do and I will do it God will

make you no exception if you come to him

with a surrendered life yielded spirit

clean heart you can bet your life on

this God is willing to demonstrate his

awesome power and love and answer your

petition well thank you for joining us

for this broadcast of in touch and as we

close remember it's your intimacy with

God that determines the impact of your