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used someone this one too

what happened here

and worst on the road we're outnumbered


has set for self-destruct furnace smooth

back we'll head for the old military

Mason then try to make it to our hold

out the cone will be our call sign

tonight Tara Asselin Brotherhood steel

recon team 4 to 9 alpha serial number

three four three one it's been three

hours since I set my distress call sir

there's been no word from the pallet in

our Faris their objective was a

satellite array on the coast they may be

out of range my orders were to hold this

position at all costs the entire site

has been overrun the door won't last

much longer

paladin Brandis sir

ah this is Ferris it's been two hours

since the paladin left my leg I can't

stop the bleeding

the bullet must have hit an artery

Brandes yeah if you get this I hope you

made it back too fast learn in time

there was nothing you could do for me ah

get to the bunker up north you'll

survive that's all that matters

Hallett and Brandis freeze one more step

and I'll blow your damn head off

who are you who sent you how did you get

in here

easy now I don't want any trouble

well then what are you what do you want

who are you working for how did you find


I followed the distress beacons left by

your team there holotapes led me here

the others what what happened to them

they're dead paladin I recovered their

tags you you you did thank you this this

really means a lot to me I tried to go

back for them you know there was nothing

I could do not alone but I'd hoped

you've been through a lot to find me I

should I should give you something I've

collected a lot over the years

technology odds and ends if you see

anything you want take it take it you're

a paladin what does that mean I am was

in the Brotherhood of Steel military my

team we were we were on a recon mission

but the Brotherhood is far away too far

too far to help us

what have you been doing all this time I

I tried to do some recon explore a

little but I'm I'm all alone it was just

too much - too much for risk so I've

been hiding so long three years yes yes

that's about that too long are you gonna

be all right oh I'll manage I'm so used

to hiding and fighting everyone

everything is that all I live alone

avoid other people everyone everything

what do you want I could let you sleep

here I suppose that's alright or try the

food I don't have much but if you're

hungry the only other thing I have is my

gun and no no I still need it I I can't

let you have it

I'm glad I was able to help I I

appreciate it thank you

excuse me paladin Nance

I've got a mission for you are you ready

is there anything I can do here at the

station no I need you in the field

recent Halen have things under control

for now are you ready to go just tell me

what you need

all right over the years the Brotherhood

has sent several recon teens to the

Commonwealth the last squad went in

three years ago they never reported back

officially their missing presumed dead

paladin brandis's team I found them what

happened to them there was one survivor

paladin Brandis paladin Brandes he's


I'm worried about him he's paranoid

unstable I'm not surprised

it's a miracle he survived at all is

there anything else we need to discuss

do you want their holotapes yes I'll

take them if we make it back I'll see

that the tapes are delivered to their

next of kin

how will the Brotherhood remember them

they faced their mission with courage

they fought with honor against

overwhelming odds they lived and died

together as brothers that is what it

means to be a member of the Brotherhood

of Steel that's all alright

I'll prepare a full report based on your

investigation if we make it back I'll

see that the Brotherhood honors their

memory under the circumstances there's

not much I can offer you for your

service I hope some caps will suffice

this was no easy mission you've earned

my respect initiate well done

that's Halen and Reese have plenty to do

see if you can lend them a hand