How To Recover voicemail Messages On Your iphone

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hi guys David here and today's video

we're gonna talk about the iPhone and

what you can do to get your old

voicemails back so when we were

upgrading our iPhones my wife was

getting the iPhone 8 she had an iPhone 6

I think we both had iPhone 6 and we're

upgrading to the iPhone 8 an iPhone 10

so when we transferred everything she

noticed that some voicemails didn't come

over actually none of the voicemails

came over and she was really worried

about that because one of the few of the

voicemails were some voicemails that she

actually wanted to keep they were a

family member that passed away and she

just wanted there was some voicemail she

just wanted to keep because of it but

then she was worried that she didn't see

anything on her new phone old voicemails

so she called Apple they said that there

was nothing you could do that was

basically it's you should have

transferred them before you got the new

phone and there's nothing you can do

about it same thing called AT&T they

said there was nothing you could do that

they were sorry but should have done

that in the beginning but then I was

thinking if we still have the old phone

which we did and it still has a SIM card

and everything maybe the files are still

there so I would go basically went to

the old phone and we'll just do that

here I just went to my phone and

voicemails and then in there if you just

you know if you just hit one of the


at the very top you can see there is a

box with an arrow in it and that is

basically letting you know that you can

save that file anywhere so once you got

there you can you know email it you can

send a message copy basically I just for

me I just saved it to the cloud so I

just hit save two files saved it to the

cloud because I can access it from my

computer and save it to wherever I want

as a backup so that's that's really all

you have to do so if you have some

voicemails that you want to get back

from your old phone you can try this

just going there and then adding it to

you know wherever you'd like so that's

that's really all there is to backing up

your voicemails so I hope that helps if

you have any questions you can please

put them in the comments below and we

will see you guys in the next video