BEST Way to Listen to Other Peoples Cell Phone Conversations, MUST SEE!!!

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hey everyone um wanted to share

something with you that has been a great

help to me in my marriage basically it's

a product called hyster mobile and what

it does allows you to download to

someone's phone and find out what it is

that who they're texting who they're

talking to you can record conversations

and you can also record and listen to

the surroundings wherever they're at at

any time and let me just tell you

exactly what happened to me I was in a

marriage for two years and I thought it

was a happy marriage it seemed happy to


but after a while I started seeing my

wife doing some things that you would

see on cheaters and I started getting a

little suspicious you stayed out late

working late and just these things that

just didn't seem right to me and in my

spirit and my gut I knew that just it

wasn't it wasn't right um

so I was looking for something that I

can you know pretty much spy on her with

and not that I wanted to but I needed to

know um for my own self and I found

hyster mobile online and this this

application is absolutely wonderful I I

was able to listen to the fact that she

was cheating on me her talking to

another man and you know you know what

what they were planning on doing that

night and other nights and I heard her

was able to find out what kind of text

messages they were texting back and

forth because every time I got her phone

she would delete her text messages but

with this software I would be able to

find out exactly what her text messages

were before she deleted them and any

given time I was able to find out

exactly you know what kind of

conversation she wasn't where she was at

and listened to her surroundings so I

found out a lot of information and

needless to say I'm filing for divorce

right now and if it wasn't for this

software heist or mobile I wouldn't be

able to know for a fact in my gut that

my suspicions were absolutely correct

so if you're in a situation like down or

scenario like that I definitely highly

recommend that you use this

product has helped me and it will help

you too now what I'm doing with it is

I'm using it with my teenage son who you

know is in the situation to where he's

exposed to people who were smoking weed

and doing all kinds of bad things and

with this device I was able to keep

track of him and let him know that you

know I'm watching and letting him know

that he can't get away with some of the

things that normal teenagers would get

away with so it's been a great help to

me it saved me from going down a longer

road with someone that I thought was in

love with me and it's also helped me

with my teenage son as well so if you're

looking to do things along those lines

highly recommend this product you need

to get it it's definitely will save you

from embarrassment and also confirm

maybe if your wife is not cheating with

you at all um or if your son is out

there doing something bad or not so

definitely check out this product you

you're not going to be disappointed at

all thank you so much bye for now