Maya's Echo Logs (Siren Backstory) | Borderlands 2

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I found a potential volt hunter sir

you'll definitely want to hear this

she's siren what unlike Lilith she seems

to have no connection to iridium but

tell me everything well I have no

information on her parents but as a baby

she was left with the order of the

impending storm the who they are an

order of monks who rule the planet of

Athena's the earliest surveillance

footage I can find is from four years

ago play it people over CMAs after years

of training and preparation the order of

the impending storm is ready to reveal

your savior speak I'll speak to your

subjects what she lacks in eloquence she

makes a forum in power no this Maya will

protect this planet for all halls of

evil from so this cry board

now's not really the time child for

years you said I'd be out there

exploring not smiling and giving

speeches your place is not to question

child now smiling wave keep calling me

child and see what happens


brother sofas I found something yes what

is it research notes from an

archaeologist on Pandora Pandora the

planet of convicts and cannibals yeah it

sounds incredible but this archaeologist

says that sirens have some sort of

connection to iridium and the vaults

Maya that's enough if I travel to

Pandora I could learn even more about my

siren lineage that's enough we have fed

you trained you protected you the people

of Athena's look to the order of the

impending storm for guidance and

protection if you were to leave this

planet would be defenseless you keep

saying I'm gonna defend this planet I've

trained for years but I've never

actually fought any of this evil the

orders always on about your time will

come I promise

besides this planet has everything you

could possibly want

please child retire to your room

they'll call me child I apologize please

retire to your room

Maya no please no what's going on

what is this today is a great day Maya

today your training is finally put to

use who are these people

terrorists criminals evil men you will

destroy them as is your duty this is

what you have trained for what to

execute unarmed men do not question me

child these men are a danger brother

Harker bring the first sinner forward

yes brother sophist on your knees sinner

Oh God

what is this man guilty of do not

question I promise okay okay here your

time just don't let her near me what do

not listen child execute him outta hell

with it

why are you doing child put me down put

me down

Cyril now 27 years for 27 years you've

been using me to keep these people

frightened haven't you you don't


shop you didn't want me to protect this

planet you wanted me to keep it scared

keep me locked up so these people would

do what you asked

nobody's gonna disobey the order if

they've got to face the wrath of a siren

is that it you know nothing child you

has so much left to learn you go

don't call me child everyone get out of

here you have nothing to fear from the

order anymore I'm leaving but where will

you go child Oh Maya depend Ora I'm

gonna find some answers angel yes jack

find her