Zero's Echo Logs (Assassin Backstory) | Borderlands 2

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talk to me angel and he default under

and I need him yesterday I found someone

with great potential

his name is zero or at least he's called

that no one knows his real name and no

no no next I hate those mysterious

warrior types you know 9 times out of 10

there's nothing actually special about

them well she got playing zero

surveillance footage did that guy just

speaking iku so is this zero guy doing

on pandora in the first place angel you

got a brain the size of a planet so give

me your Oh from what footage we have of

him I can't even tell if zeros human or

not well what do you mean not human he's

a robot an alien what huh evidently zero

has been on pandora for a few weeks i

have satellite footage of him conversing

with the locals roll it angel


shut up see what do you want ninja guy


by the way your of fruity-ass talks this

sounds like you're putting a challenge

can it sake sorry I swear it's

impossible to keep that boy's mouth shut

who is considered to charge them I guess

this is a tree the fault my masterpiece

challenge accepted you cut off his head

holy stag son you decapitate his age


why is your helmet say zero he was no

challenge my skills are tested there are

some pretty dangerous bandit clans

oh the creatures around here the vault

cool alien power lots danger a real

challenge huge challenge this is a dream

the vault my masterpiece George accepted

well when you're right you're right

angel I think this year ok will do