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so thanks for doing the Apple music yeah

I have a music livestream the concept

that musics so good that was sick you

didn't come No so you watch this live

sheering I heard it was hot as oh it was

what you see meaning I'm wet I'm minute

I come out and I'm wet instantly just

dripping I didn't I didn't even fix my

hair after a while I was just like cuz

he's just gonna get messed up again

where did the idea for the wood come

from I don't want you to like dismantle

it to the point where it's not

mysterious and fun anymore but what what

is Igor like what why we'd why we're

looking at you the way we are I just

thought it was cool like everything else

it's like oh that'll be cool where'd you

hide that we're going for the first time

so I kind of didn't try it all until I

wouldn't got it made

like I just had this idea all right I

want a wig shaped like this and then I

went to the wig people and they had I

picked out the specific blonde I wanted

we got a maid put it on and it was that

I got a flattop made like this weird

flattop wig made but it wasn't sick and

like a longer version of the one I have

but the one I've always wanted was this

and I've been drawing that character for

like three years now and it's actually

it's actually in a stop-motion that I

did for this vice show it's a little

stop motion video thing I did it has

black hair but it's the short bob cut

and the turtleneck and the glasses and

the gold teeth and it's in that and then

I just was like I'm a switch it's a

blonde just based on the undertones of

my skin was it a subconscious drawing or

were you drawing inspiration from

something else I don't know I just

thought it will be a cool character just

a tall slim suit blonde hair and like

black dudes don't really have hair like

that I think the closest thing was Ike

Turner mmm with that mic night but it

wasn't it wasn't blonde so I was like oh

I'll run a blonde it's a weird question

but when people often like come into

some form of character driven experience

in their career they say they feel

different do you feel different when you

put the suit and we're done

unfortunately no hmm I feel like the

same yeah do you think people look at

you differently from what you've seen

the crowd even in that one show and

people like Wow uh when I'm up there

I'll just be in my zone just doing the

thing but people people say hi

differently this week I'll tell you that

yeah I bet they do people

hi differently tight though you've

achieved man something that no one's

ever achieved before it's official

you're the first solo rap artist to ever

have a billboard number-one on the

albums chart fully soft produced fully

self arranged yeah

that's mad it's really cool I saw it's

funny someone said I saw it comment no

one cares that you produced and arranged

it Tyler but me letting people know that

will allow different doors to open

That's not me just doing voiceovers or a

verse like me me being adamant about

having that on the cover when I what I'm

designing it is letting people know hey

let me make the score for your movie or

let me do this and that and in 20 years

like that detail will pay off I'll put

that on the flower boy the other cover -

mm-hmm and I'm gonna just try to keep I

wish I did that since day one you know

even would know it's kind of they kind

of missed the point that comment though

like a lot of comments that come in it's

sort of an eejit reaction and you know

that's finite they have their place but

you know it's not like you're sitting

there painstakingly putting this

together from inside to get it out to

people for people to care about that

detail it's entirely for you yeah yeah

yeah yeah a hundred percent a lot of

people miss that a lot of people also

don't realize what I think people like

people who review - I think we need to

put their biases I had a friend a buyer

before these read the review of yeah

like John Thompson doesn't really like

rap music doesn't like rap music and the

girl that he fell in love with is a big

fan left him for girl who loves young


and he beat the out of them now

here's his review on southern Rattlers

that's kind of an insight or this guy

wanted to be black and only for black

girls his whole life this is why he's

given an 80 rap album best new music

because he wants to get the thumbs-up

from this it's kind of inspired people

to have to come clean because I even get

it with clothes like kids like oh that's

sweaters trash do you ever wear sweater

vests no you only wear t-shirts hoodies

then weak-ass black chinos right

yeah I've never want to sort of my life

so what's your word

I just need what what's your point of

reference on if this sweater is good or

not whatever they may I always find it

weird a friend asked me the other day

what do you think of someone so loud I'm

like I don't feel comfortable even

telling you cuz I don't even listen to

that type of music it's not for me but I

can't even tell you if it's good or bad

cuz I just don't listen to that type of

do you protect yourself from those

opinions though to some degree because

you were just talking I can't have yeah

I can't you don't matter but you got bad

comment got to you so you must open it

up every now and then even though I

reach and I'm just like oh you're a

dummy oh you only see surface-level

you think I just put that just it no no

no see I'm thinking 15 years from now

I'm playing the long game what

opportunity and I need people to know

that oh this is I this is the fool idea

this isn't just me rapping over some

random like this was the fool idea

everything is very particular I was

gonna jump ahead to that but actually I

might save that to the end of the

conversation if that's cool and just

kind of focus on the Eagle right now

because I'm you know out of the slide

performance you know we really got an

insight that the character was a full

commitment and we knew from the pictures

you put up and the ideas that you put up

and like the little teasers and stuff on

social media that you were all in but to

perform in that regard as well is like

and to bring that character to life it's

like this is a full 100% commitment

right now ego is a real thing oh yeah

it's a society you lie knows like my

best friend and we were we like Loki met

in drama class he was a drama clone we

were doing play 17 doing plays I got

kicked out a drama club in eighth grade

doing what cuz she said I was too hyper

so she kicked me out first day and I was

like you like whatever but what that

said I like to dress it's fun yeah

goblin is a ski mask will froze the camp

then cherry bomb I had the the pink face

thing and like I always loved that all

my videos I mean I'm bald one scene like

I don't know that's really fun I feel

like flower boy was the first time that

you'd kind of like actually just

presented yourself oh yeah yeah I I

definitely I was like a super strong

yeah I was it like here this is

me here Green had on the cover just

white shirt and nothing even not even a

cool shirt he was a plain white shirt

yeah and there's a ton of questions

asked on that album I mean you know how

I feel cause we spoke briefly about well

not briefly we had a good conversation

about that out I still listen to that

album and I feel like you were asking so

many questions on flower boy and

searching for the answers through that

record and yeah I feel like ego we were

talking before we're old I was like this

is such a sad album it's like you didn't

like the answers you got you know what I

mean it's like a man also Igor was

definitely like all feeling woke up in

the morning

this hot felt made that song did that

for like two weeks and then I was like

oh I have something it was like six

homes six seven oh my gosh this is and

that's kind of why it goes in its weird

chronological order because that was how

I felt that morning it was like over a

span of like two weeks almost and then

when I every time like how am I put in

the playlist on my phone just to see how

it flows and stuff and I was like oh

this this flows and I was subconscious

like I didn't even notice I was drawing

this circle it was just all filling what

was the first song at you that you made

can you maybe where it started uh

first song was Loki earthquake and

that's like 2017 in May but that may not

have even ended up on your record right

that was initially um because I mean

when we spoke about two years ago you

were saying van that you were kind of

mucking around trying to find reasons to

write for people and see yeah yeah yeah

I wanted to just write pop songs for

people so I kind of did that but

sometimes you got to just write songs on

how you feel or whatever so I just wrote

that and it's like a it came out really

cool earthquakes like a love song it's

like to me it's like an out-and-out

straight-up love song it was first

statement on the record that says like

ah this album is gonna be it's kind of

there's a lot open-heartedness to this

record yeah very 80s pop you know what I

was yeah go idealistic love and

idealistic heartbreak

yeah that's when the eighties were they

were like not you don't hold anything

back I feel like after the seventies

which was all sort of bravado and all

kind of like there was some thickness in

there that the 80s was in a bit though

it depends on what sector of music you


about I mean it's a lot of it's a lot of

souls for Miss seven yeah yeah sure no

that was just poor heart out but not to

go off-topic the 80s is becoming my

favorite time not just music but overall

and I had used to hate it but now it's

slowly becoming my favorite cuz of the

sector of music that I've liked I found

over the years like what are you

listening to is that again that's a

broad ticket a blood rent by the way

ladies bit amazed was happening in the

UK in the 80s we would like I mean

everything but the girl Sade the smash

the Style Council

so much weird like white white people

making trying to make like black

soulless music but they didn't they grew

up kind of a white pop stuff so this

mesh that it made is beautiful and

everything but the girls Style Council

uh just the that was just coming out of

there and so in the way they were

dressing just I loved it it was kind of

everything seemed so saturated and

freeze level 42 like these kids just

making this super mature off he's very

mature pop but they clearly study jazz

yeah so but they clearly hang out with

punk kids because they're like leather

but like it's it's this mesh and I

gravitated to that because they didn't

really stick to one thing I was like oh

this is fire yeah and you go back and

listen to those records and you're right

I think in the 80s because the whole

culture of the 80s was considered this

kind of gross decade where everyone was

just going for self and the fashion

reflected that and the production

reflected that but you go back and you

listen to it now knowing that every

decade in its own way is totally gross

um then you go back to the 80s and you

realize actually that there was some

really weird songs and advance going

yeah it's a lot of cool not I just keep

getting I found since last night hold on

I found some last night because I was

it's cold outside links this band called

links oh yeah I don't even know what

this is some black dude

band kinda in that level 42 I mean that

like free there but it was more more

poppy oh my god listen to how jazzy that

is that broke look he brings out the

letter and he like reads the lyrics well

that is the sickest to me what are you

talking about oh it's cold that's kind

of the sweetest thing I've seen somebody

doing a performance in a long time

actually for my way army yeah are we

friends electro that it's so much that

was coming up Newman was Gary Newman was

out of his frickin mouth as mine but

it's so sick like he actually was

separate to the eighties like he says

he's nothing and I'll never seen it like

oh this is what everyone's on point

though even a drummer is like with the

Afro and in their sin players I love all

that this little nuances that like that

out that I studied I my oh that's the

coolest ever

you said and when you're talking your

friends jeredy there was a really cool

Institute the floodway interview too and

you sit in an interview that you were

just really trying to because you've

always been like totally into chords and

you love the idea of kind of bringing

chords into music because it's not

necessarily the go-to for people making

modern music these days they're

instantly go for six or seven cause

turnarounds great progressions and all

these sort of things I feel like you

would even way higher on this record

like I said to you in the studio we've

heard like I didn't know where you're

getting the reality from this wrong no


how did you get this off to that place

again given the wave flower boy already

took you i think i think everyone

whether it's a movie and quentin

tarantino will probably agree with this

whether it's a movie or music everyone

tries to recreate they try to make stuff

that gives them the feeling that

something else had not necessarily make

the same thing with the filling so

when I was four or five six seven and I

heard Brandis uh always on my mind

number ten off that album or number

eight off faith's album soon as I get

home or sweet a still of by John a and

this those when I was younger they don't

the cords where I just said mom it goes

up and down the slopes it's a feeling

that that she gave me and every the

music I like all have that you pick all

the emotive ones and people I know I

probably sound like a broken record

chords chords chords Tyler go like

that's not but that's the that I can

care about more than anything I listen

to music all day so I wanted to make

sure that this album every song gave me

that feeling of Jesus can Christ I want

every time I hear this I'm I'm like oh I

didn't I couldn't have made this yeah

that's why I wondered about how you feel

when you listen back to your music

because when I hear you like the songs

you're making I'm like damn man like how

did you even know to go from there to

there because that some of the most

experienced songwriters would think that

that cool progression is broken like you

shouldn't be able to go from there to

there but it's just I know it's all it's

awful it's just what my ear gravitates

to and they see there always says they

want I've always wanted to make the

prettiest that's borderline boring or

the hardest and I've I've been trying to

mix those together since my first album

literally the hardest in the previous if

you loved the 80s and you love chords

and you love the pretty she did surely

and I hope I'm bang on the money with

this surely like Jimmy Jam and Terry

Lewis vector Oh what they are doing late

eighties early night with Kim Janet are

you fun dumb evil funny how time flies

one of the greatest believe it and even

you edition like do can I stand the

right it's like like mind-blowing libri

insane images and they stay with the Hat

Tom on it I want to rummage through

their keyboards

just smell them then is their great God

like God seriously and it makes me happy

that this albums so that's far as

successful I'm not reprogramming ears

but people liking these songs with yeah

stuff like this and drums like this and

melodies that they don't that's like

what it's reassuring the way that they


music and maybe some of those people

could now go back to Solange's last

album and be like oh this is good just

listen to what a different ear like

because I feel like just got repetitive

and still I mean it definitely did get

repetitive and still and I'm not saying

much is the most out there she know but

you had some well he wrote us some

thirteen year old

who's hearing this and it's like walls

I've never experienced I have a

ten-year-old and a 13 year old who went

to a concert and I said to my wife like

did they love it and she said they found

they tried there they found their people

there that's it I you brought enough

people in the room that appreciate what

you do they were like these are our

people these are open-minded creative

people who want music to go beyond just

a linear experience I don't want it to I

don't it's so I mean studio sessions

with this and they play some snotty

please be like yeah this is tight but is

it like good or what's the intent like

it's so easy it's so easy to make some

that needs could just can do this

to like what are you what are you

pushing it what's your nuances what are

you adding to it that's not an obvious

head not and I'm happy I have a little

cousin who can him and his friends gay

listeners and subconscious like oh it's

I could make music like this and

whatever they make whether it's closed

music or whatever when they're 1617 they

could approach it differently yeah

because this is like yeah a thing now

you're feeding them man I love that

musical em because that's how my

favorites did it that's how you know the

Erika's in the outcast and the Angela

gays and yeah like D'Angelo has a whole

album with just bass line and jazz cause

it's so jazz what man has a king 30

minute intro before he start talking and

I remember being nine cuz I bought that

on my ninth birthday mm I was just like

God he was such a weird nine you're

welcome your friends I just thought I

was you know how hard it is like all

your ninth birthday gonna buy a meal the

rooms infinite possibly you also do

thinks your red is the person behind the


Rickles was Sam Goody at the South Bay

Galleria and I put D'Angelo

I put the D'Angelo album down and he was

like you should and I was like yeah he's

like is that it oh no

and I went got the Miller albums like

here and I think studied them

you traveled a bit for this red quarter

right you say that from the stage that

you went to light and the end gets

critted and I you just put the credits

up you went to Lake Como his worst

places to record than Lake Como yeah I

just wanted to leave I just wanted to

leave I went to Lake Como why Italy why

cause my brain but it was awesome yeah

Franco's like were you at I was like I'm

at the house he was like I'm gonna pull

up pull it up on a boat

Solange where you asked she pulled up on

a boat like it was a movie it was sick

though it was ducks why karma I mean

it's amazing no somebody just said like

homos nice and I looked it up and she

look pretty and I was like all right we

flying there what did you do you like

rent a villa and just kind of take it

out yeah we're in a villa work music

from there what did you make out there

there's a couple of credits in there and

on the album it's not that I don't love

you anymore we laid out there yeah in

like one tape types I think I'm falling

in love got worked on out there is that

way Solange did hit one like little we

have a little microphone some puppet

stuff got done out there boys are gone

so lunch dinner parts but Frank didn't

do anything out there he didn't jump on

not because we were working sporadically

too and it was a lot of hanging out but

yeah work recording at 4:00 a.m. because

we couldn't sleep it must have been kind

of nice in a weird way not that you

probably have a thinking it because you

guys are so close but let's be kind of

nice it there that you defied that

expectation of like are we here in Como

you should get on this track it's like

nah let's just hang out watching Adam

salmon yeah it's never a it's not work

yeah that'd be cool let's do it

but wait when I came in the studio

toward the end of the making of the

record and you upon and compiling things

you know you were differently working

like oh no no no I'm ok now it's yeah I

want this out by this I want this I'll

buy you this let's can do it and I'm I'm

doing my what are you like when

something doesn't stick can you let go

of an idea if it's oh yeah it's songs I

didn't make this album this song that

and I've I grew I never had a pet as a

child so I think because me not having

to actually take care of something and

see everything is disposable to me so

she's replaceable

iMessage a car up ok if if

something breaks her shirt alright ok I

liked it but it's replaceable as long as

body's fine at school so even with stuff

like that it's easy to reset I don't

really like it it's not friendships like

not relationships with that - oh I'm a

very loyal person yes and I keep the

same thing you see the same is around

since I was 16 oh yeah it's all really

you know what you're his lawyer what was

interesting was listening to the album

for the first time before we knew the

people who had come and helped you sort

of see it through and complete it and I

I couldn't really pick anybody that was

on the current that's what's so great

about it

it's like you presented them a few days

later and it's like oh that's cool I

didn't realize that person was on that

that person was on that it was really it

was really cool whereas flower boy

super guest heavy like you but the

guests up front were you was equally

determined on this record to keep the

guests really kind of like tucked away

and blend it in uh honestly I think I

ruined songs I hate my voice I think I'm

a king ridiculously talented producer

and have a really really really good

idea what kinds of messed up though

because you are widely regarded as

having one of the best phones and the

best most recognizable voices in modern

music yeah that's cute

but when you want to write singing songs

like Stevie Wonder yeah and you can't

because your voice is holding you back

and you sound like a monster all the

time and because of that people

only want to hear you rap yeah but it's

like I'm not even that good at that but

I'm ridiculously good at that you start

hating it more and I know my voice is

sickest but it's like all right like

I've wrapped let me let me show you all

what else I could do

like I could hit free throws but I could

also like do cool dribble yeah yeah so

because of that I decided on flour boy

they just try to shut the up and

only speak when I need to speak so

that's why Rex is on board I mean I

don't come in until a minute and 20

seconds you know because I was like okay

this is this is how it should be but

that's what I'm think I'm good at the

result yeah yeah like and alright I did

my verse I said it here when I come in

it's on topic concepts good make sure

the flow is not jumbled then in there

and it took me years to figure that out

but you've really kind of been

predominantly just producing your own

music and and

for you to sit here now and acknowledge

I've known you from almost the beginning

to acknowledge that you feel like a

better producer than you do kind of at

least to your abilities be able to get

to that place you want to as an artist

with with the restrictions that you feel

you have then I guess they're in a weird

way now you must be ready to just go out

and produce that's all I want to do imma

spend the next two years made probably

working on clothes and just producing

trailers you definitely have the

musicality and that production chops now

to be able to step into almost any

environment I mean this a boy I want to

go you want pop you keep you a rat if

you can make puppet you can almost make

anything yeah like that is so crazy

dance and musical and even with the

drums and the way you did that kind of

like Geoff Barrow David Axelrod like

like that ya know I

Jeff's great Portishead's great all that

but just I don't know I just have a year

first stuff yeah and whether it's good

or not it's something it's an idea and I

just try to execute who would you love

to produce he must have a wish list

dream list okay like it's like even

beyond like but not even a possibility

right now but who would you love just

aesthetically and creatively and

spiritually to get in a room with just

to be able to contribute something to

that career or that I'm open for

anything at this point just cuz just

energy is just so mmm I didn't know me

it was II was gonna record that that day

but it came out sick and now Newsies on

some that he's never been on and I got

to find a pocket that I've never would

have went for or like Susie gave me so

yeah just energy stuff like that but I

don't know um Big Dawg I'll do Beyonce

obviously Jay I'm gonna do a jazz album

someday I don't know it's so much I'm so

good I've always been like cracking it

open it always comes and always lands it

always gonna like I said to you this is

a really sad album is some really

heartbreaking moments on this album and

you were like very and so I wonder and I

I sort of wondered like you know what

what maybe for you the saddest moment

like what what the real core like

core of the album SBU musically like

what that what the song is he feel kind

of conjures that up the most but your

point of view we're talking lyrically

yeah whatever the field I think uh I

think puppet is gaining heavy that dark

like that first verse is like Jesus

Christ get ahold of yourself with this

and abandonment issues on this record if

you go on the lyrics alone no definitely

and I think a friend told me like oh

that first verse for puppet could also

be about someone having drug withdrawals

long hunting like and when he says that

I was like oh that is like what do

you need you need bread do you need to

be alone I can I can shut the up

and get the way in the way from you

instead what is your wish it could be

granted that's cuz you rock you're

number one one on my list see I'm saying

I wear his Rudolph you're a pair of

cynic so I do not have some control I'm

starting to wondering this is my free

will of yours like that was like and

that's also just being just completely

honest like yeah that's really intense

and that's like that shows a super super

high level of self-awareness to the

point where it's almost detrimental to

your own well-being no yeah and it even

being aware of it and then like still

like that's why I'm verges crazy because

it's like I'm clearly aware that I'm but

what can I do like that and I think that

even being in the middle kind of in the

middle of the album is what bridges

everything together it's a really


it's a beautiful and intense very open

listen and and lyrically there is a few

things that just keep coming back that

sense of like please just like don't

walk out like that like I get it yeah I

think I say don't leave like a lot on

its its earthquake it's a magic wand

it's on gone gone and the verse yeah

it's like it's a lot of stuff that just

keeps popping up and stuff and I think

that's why a lot of people are

gravitating to it because it is a

complete idea

it's oh that register just isn't read it

was also worn over there

this is surprised you it when you and

you when you start taking a look at the

body of work and you start to collect

the moment so you feel they're gonna

give it a cohesive feeling in your life

that keeps coming up a lot is that you

surprised even you yeah but again it's

just being honest

and just putting this like this is the

first album where I I didn't want to be

cool yeah I wasn't trying to be cool

it's know who that boys snow snow swell

it's just this they're there yeah and it

may seem repetitive but that's kind of

like everyone wakes up in the morning

yeah absolutely

I don't care how confident a picture you

presented yourself or how much you think

you have it under control everyone is

terrified of abandonment everyone's

terrified of being left alone and those

experiences you have whether you're a

kid or a grown-up they stay with you I

think those are some of the most prison

experiences of your life is when people

walk out yeah and then even if it's not

even that it's always something it's

skirty things really point back to

your childhood in the gate I didn't have

a pet so okay it could this car could

blow up I'll get another one it's

because I didn't I don't have to take

care of you know what I mean yeah it's

always a little SH like that so

definitely I don't know what that is for

me but I'll probably figure it out in

like two years

yeah again it's funny cuz what we've

spoken about your music before and I've

up and I think I've come at it from the

wrong angle a few times so I've been

like you know like if I did this done

this interview two or three I was it

going to be like yeah yeah you keep

saying to me the same thing like I don't

know yet yeah I just went riding this

music to work it out

no yeah people don't it's always a

little SH like that bad

oh that's I think everyone should turn

25 I think everyone's dumb

god-willing until they're 25 if I didn't

start if I didn't started making music

at 24 bro how uh if I started at flower

boy and then I will be a God Jesus cry

if you can't just count some of the work

you put out it's funny it's cool no we

wouldn't know when I didn't I will turn

2500 that you would be on you were being

honest on wolf you use book any minute

you spoke about like your upbringing and

your family situation or wolf with

greater yet it's it's it was a safari

it's there but it was also who was 65 70

percent cool it was 30 percent of damn

it Tyler just shut the

like I didn't realize let's just stop

yelling on song

till I was 24 seriously and I was like

why the didn't y'all tell me to just

stop and yelling all in there like it's

little Sh like that yeah for example

like I was like oh maybe I should just

stop being funny on the internet and

maybe people will realize how talented I

am or start taking my music in art more

serious but when you started trying to

get all the tips but you don't realize

it till you're 25

I didn't know how I'm also I'm 28 now

hey I'm good with it I'm terrified I'm

terrified you know what I'm just scared

of getting fat and just gross and cuz I

see it I seen you start getting money

they eat everywhere they let they so go

think about it what they wake up at noon

first thing they do they smoke they kick

it so we gonna eat yeah

they smoked again they go eat they're

not running they not really doing

activities luckily I ride my bike all

the time and you go the trampoline world

and play tag we play tag every day but a

lot of people let themselves go you

don't look not at all

never have I had before yeah I was like

last time I did that I was 19

yeah yeah yeah then and it just it was

an unproductive experience it's just not

for me mhm yeah

I'm not gonna just and you don't drink

for me never been drunk in my life you'd

be drunk in your life and you eat well

cuz I just saw what you ate so you did

eat all right I eat like a five-year-old

still a little bit just cupcakes and but

I'm active so luckily I'm good but he is

be gone but it's 21 I'm like bro you

work you look 29 I want 80 I want to

talk to you about and this is gonna seem

like the weirdest thing to focus on

because it really is obviously just a

personal enjoyment thing for you but I

really have like become quite obsessed

with the fact that you know you are

single-handedly promoting the idea of

riding a bike yeah i and I just love the

fact it's so important to you because

it's obviously way more than just an A

to B scenario it every time I see you in

Los Angeles by accident you're on the

bike it's that brings me so much joy I

don't I don't know what it is I love


like especially during Golden Hour and

having like the perfect songs on in the

Sun just on me I'm so happy and every

everyone has something that gives them a

ridiculous immense amount of joy that I

just love it I love when it's five of us

and we just go get lost

we're little we literally put them in

the back of the pickup truck and it's

like where we going I don't know out

somebody go I don't know let's just go

towards Tally's Verdes or Santa Barbara

oh this is a cool street and we get out

and we will ride we wrote the most I

think we did was 35 miles man I love it

I think more people need to go outside

it was the best ride you ever had can

you remember the best the best day of

ahead on your bike is two it's two days

so it was tour 2017 the oohs by King

cool is out so that's like the album

with a month and we're a st. Louis and

we're just riding around the city then

we hit it's cold and I'm from LA

it's like this 24/7 so it's probably

only 40 but the weird diet so we're

writing and um we see this park we

should go to this park and it's no

leaves on the trees they're all on the

ground and piles and we stop and we're

like what the and I've never seen those

like this cuz at least where I live in

LA it's not gonna be green still yeah

and it's just all these different color

leaves just on the ground just is any

problem we just we just get off our

bikes and we're looking and we start

falling into of it playing and if it's a

video somewhere and everyone was like

bro you've never seen that but it's like

no this is brand new to me and it's

crazy like I was like 26 and that it was

still something so brand new to me like

that and just that riding around with

what the chick-fil-a it was something so

simple nothing crazy but it's those

simple moments that no McLaren no beat

like no amount of money could ever I

love that

and then 2000 and 2017 a week flower boy

came out it was the one day that I

didn't have to go do press or anything

and me Jasper and Wyatt we skated around

the island of New York just went we

didn't know where we were going we just

really got lost and it was just fun it's

just I don't know we didn't have a

destination we knew we could do anything

buy anything whatever but it was the Sun

was out and in New York because the

buildings and stuff see I'm here in LA

the sun's on everything but out there

because of so many buildings and stuff

when the Sun comes through one of the

cracks are so tough oh yeah and we took

a break at the Chelsea Market and we sat

down and uh it was a wider Jasper why I

was sitting down on the curb and I took

this photo and it's my favorite photo

I've ever took because that day was so

perfect the album just came out it was

doing good the TV show the shoes

everything was going we just skated

around sweated for no reason and

it's one of the best moments ever

and that story just went nowhere but

those that's this guy remember that I'm

like oh that's there's a couple of

people who showed up on a record I want

to talk about Rick real quick because I

was really pleasantly surprised that you

collaborated with him and one is is ally

you know Lou who's such an amazing kind

of yeah it's like pop stop for me and

someone who's like made him yeah Dez

made some really deep pop music and I

wonder how that happen just cuz that

popped out like just her voice man it's

something about the tone of that voice

that's it's light but it it has depth to

it when it's layered and Harmon it's I

just thought it was great she's my 80s

time too

yeah it's that that high eighties hit

and that's what I was looking for on um

I needed that for thank you and I got

her on there and she did some stuff we

run out of time but I didn't I didn't

end up keeping it but we're definitely

gonna do something in the future I'm

gonna say man you're producing with her

would be epic yeah that'd be sick

they're so cool there you could I think

you could your publishing or different

you could put some putty a business of

boys a gun and you know the song of boy

has a gun to me is like one of the

centerpieces of the record just because

it kind of sums up all the elements of

the record that I love right it has that

kind of like timeless soul but also it's

like a modern take on it you play around

with you know just you know just hang


oh here's a sample wrap over there yeah

it comes in it comes out the whole thing

is super playful and yet that the song

itself is this yearning for like

acceptance you know yeah that sounds

like Cupid no no don't leave don't leave

but keep it like yeah and I just wanted

to wrap just so it's more I'm just

talking and it's very a lot of the song

they're very specific things to it's not

just like it take your hoodie off why

you hide your face for me like I love

that line that line thinking of that I'm

thinking of the moment of that moment

then I went home I wrote but it's a that

one is a moment final always said Lana

would you say that song sounds like a

boys again yeah he said sound like a

1973 arguing where I'm just we're

following each other in the house and

yeah yeah yeah and that boy don't shoot

me down split the conversation switches

yeah yeah yeah yeah we couldn't yet but

it's and yeah I love that so it's so and

I used to suck at sampling I think I

will overthink every one of the head of

this but that worked out all perfect

it's so perfect when it comes back in

with the old soul sample and it's just

the whole thing is such a beautiful

because I did I started listening to us

I'm literally like oh I would do that oh

I'll put this here I know I'll let that

go for three bars instead of four and

I'll start rearranged so then I'll just

go home exact huh just cuz this is super

hot as well when you have a sample

that's like that dominant anyone else

we're just like I said make the track

around that sample but you know that

sample really is subservient to your

arrangement yeah yeah yeah

it's all about how you arrange in

structure I really start paying

attention the structure like 2016 and it

doesn't well I only taught myself how to

write songs like who does it really well

like who do you think like yeah if we

totally specifically about the kind of

people that take liberties with song

structure for the better and add value

by being unique like who do you love um

I think Drake is really good

with song structure I agree I think

Frank is really good at sauce drawer so

I think Frank's really good at song

structure dude I mean of course early

Neptunes is just to the point where song

structure but keeps it interesting

mm-hmm just pop I I think started from

the bottom is one of the greatest pop

totally it's also one of the Ella's

beats like if we can just talk about

beats for a second you're gonna create a

playlist of just the sickest yeah yeah

it's like it's just so incredible that

tracks unbelievable again starting to

pay attention to songs that I've already

loved so what Stevie was doing have you

had an experience with Stevie like if

you had like a meaningful creative

experience I met that you once I was

with Dave Chappelle he was like Stevie

it looks today was like this is Tyler it

seems like hi nice to meet you I was

like what's up I like you he's stealing

your cool it's like thanks then he

looked away and I was like four shells

you walk away with Lisa will glow the

clear conscience at least you own up to

it all right

later it was sick going through now

again I see Kanye on here rad verse on

puppet tell us the story about that he's

great I think so I love Kanye cuz I love

that I think yeah yeah is in my top

three Kanye albums

I heard Violent Crimes and I cried it's

crazy how honest he was on that album

and made it sound cool

he's been honest good talk his friend

but it's on it's a different it's a

different honesty on that okay yeah


yeah good it is a hundred grand to turn

your best friend to op it has dark

totally that's I love that album

he doesn't hold except when the drums

come in on that first on the intro but I

love that album you know my favorite

rock versus ever is from good music is

Pusha T when he goes on the president of

good music is being announced and you go

ah congratulations and he goes quarter

of a million and that check don't bounce

you think I check don't bow that's a

light salary they know

I was like I appreciate the honesty but

you might want to go and seek a race

he's my favorite rapper hit me when the

howlman came out and said I killed it

and I reply back you don't know how much

this mean to me yeah I love that yeah

yeah because he's I really do yeah

quality and consistent comes out as

music is always amazing I love him are

you working up a Conway and obviously

obviously for Rawls on the Rick or too

but I mean that's a deep relationship

that you guys have forged and I feel

like he if there was anyone that was

gonna be somebody that you would look to

as a peer but also someone who's kind of

inspired you musically and the way that

he approached chords and all the things

that matter to you that man I miss my

damn father that's where it's at I love

him and his deeper than just being a fan

of his music I mean just on a

behind-the-scenes level he's opened the

doors for me in so many ways I am

forever in debt to that man mm-hmm like

for real for real you think of one

really cool bit of advice for one thing

he said to you that really stuck because

I know you collect that stuff you just

said it's a difference between getting

old and getting older getting older is

just wiser and yeah being more aware and

things with something's get old some

people just try to rock him and still

out here and do rags and Pelle Pelle

jackets being stuck at a time and

getting old and you know he just told me

to just never get old say getting older

so I gotta ask the question because I've

danced around a little bit and we're

gonna finish up but I wanted to ask this

question and I don't I want to say this

with the most respect because I think

we're at in your career right now is

just you just you're on the best wave

ever and the fact you had number 1 with

this album the most adventurous honest

Rick could even be made like seriously

respect with everything like it's so

deserving but I can't until Billy Eilish

me up next week yeah but that's okay cuz

I don't just be she she absolutely came

from no way she's totally deserve it in

this part right now that album is

mind-blowing do you loved it out and by

the way I think it's sick I like her I

think she's I just want her to just keep

doing her damn thing yes she will though

that's the cool thing about it I think

if she's having this kind of success

right now and this kind of and not

compromising to work or her oh that what

the we will make even if you don't

come out if it's trash I still just want

to see what we could now you guys would

make incredible work

that can happen I'm sure they can

definitely I wanted to ask you this so I

know you don't look back but I've

noticed in the last decade that there is

one crew or one thing that has had the

most impact on a young independent

creative spirits and that is our future

there's no doubt about it there's no

doubt about it when you guys came out

and you established your own independent

lane and you were just uncompromising

and then you were like open about who

you were and what you liked and what you

didn't like and you weren't scared and

you've grown up in public and so much

greatness has come out of that and oh

and I wonder whether there's ever an

opportunity for for that to be reflected

and documented the right way I didn't

even and I still don't think I know the

impact that we may have had on a

generation i it's you I was with Lionel

two weeks ago and I was like look at how

these kids are dressed I was like but

like all the kids are dressed like this

now and not all the kids I mean just the

ones I'm not talking about specifically

it's like man like I remember being 17

and that I was the out life but

I couldn't

everyone's like the keyword and I

thought it was so sick that they all

have each other like oh look at this

look at these overalls or this tee I got

hurt he's like yeah I thought that was

cool and songs like you know that's cuz

they use like huh I mean maybe but I

don't know how important I the future

was and it's cuz I just lived in it

who's just doing our thing he was just

being us and isn't up to somebody to

convince you of that because it would be

kind of like you say a strange

observation a strange realization like

we're really important and by the time

you do that you have very little lane to

travel anymore you only look back and

you only live in your past successes

you've got so much more to do but I just

sold much and I and I'm aware of the

fluence we've had or certain but I don't

think I'll know how much deeper it goes

outside from some people starting to

wear a certain shirt

soare people's album artwork like others

it's way more than that it's the bravery

to be able to come out and speak openly

about you know how you feel you know

anxiety depression sexual preference you

know who you are as individual how you

feel about about you know the country

you live in all the stuff that you guys

did without making a scene out of it

like you never came out of made a

statement you were just like this is how

I feel like I could lump it yeah yeah I

mean that is how I am you know me yes

yeah that I I wish more people was like

that a lot of people are taking that now

though and making it King like not cool

everyone gettin canceled everyone I have

anxiety I can't come on I can't close

the door to my refrigerator because I

people were making such a scene out of

this now and it's it's annoying and I

hope that that opened the door for a lot

more people is be honest with themselves

and not try to fit in or whatever if you

don't like something if you like so I'm

just gonna do it we're just like one

moment that lasted like an hour or an

hour and a half they correctly told that

story endorsed by all of the

stakeholders directed by someone sick

with you being interviewed before your

60 of those guys I talked to demo

earlier today actually it's crazy like

some kids ran and then you know from

save and Earl and friend like every it's

and everyone's so good right like

everyone's kinda good it's rare that

lands that way and that you're able to

look back on that experience that brain

hit me the other day just would have

congrats and it's like and it's sick

like man I hit I hit every up the other

day I was like he made this comment and

he said people don't realize we got

famous off our first ideas our rough

drafts this was 19 like I've been I

finished editing Yonkers when I was 18

years old that's something that is so

light like it people don't realize like

we got famous off our first dumbass

ideas before perfecting Shh

and I I say that like it's beautiful

that for me at least it's been just this

up like album six oh I just got my

number one I just when she was getting

played on the radio two years ago which

it wasn't a bunch it literally it was a

lay radio station they was looking out

just incredible and those guys are

really cool and they looked out and

played in a couple times but that meant

so much because like this is brand-new

to me like this come out the gate number

one album pop his song private jets

Brent like it's been a steady slope for

me people are bought in because of all

the creative creativity you shared with

us from and it's everything and I use

you as an example when I hope you don't

mind when I'm talking to young artists

and they're like how do we kind of cut

through and all of the noise and I say

you have to look at it as not a job you

have to look at creativity as a life and

you have to wake up and want to create

all the time and I use you as the prime

example of someone who has real estate

on Fairfax and real estate on the

internet and real estate in the App

Store and real estate in the music game

and real estate in videos and real

estate in fact it's just like you have

all of these things a lot of a lot of

these guys antennas money these favorite

rappers alright they come up they fired

and what were they working for cuz they

want to choose the money the cars and

when they get that it's nothing driving

them what drives me is getting the idea

executed and every time I have ideas

shoots for that it's not about having a

about Spotify playlist a little about

Apple playlists I'm gonna bout none of

that but when something I work hard on

is on there and I'm next to the biggest

song in the world it's like oh wow this

idea made it to that oh Sh well yeah hey

everyone look god this is what sitting

in my room for hours 7:00 a.m. every

morning on album 6 like all I haven't

I'm not yet let me perfect this idea

yeah in this melody in this progression

and let me sit on Photoshop for hours

and do this no the coloring in its video

is not work I didn't even say hello to

me for 10 minutes when I came in the

studio and I wasn't even offended

because he was so deep in your Photoshop

it's not it was so deep yeah I can spend

so much time on this yeah and whether or

not people

whatever the I just want the idea

executed and when that happens and it

goes number one bro that means a


this album isn't just in that I didn't

think people would like this I won based

on everyone hating Cherry Bomb so

no everyone hate it was a small

sector of people that liked it and

because I put the instrument without

people were coming across to it and

starting to appreciate it when that came

out everyone can hated it bro everyone

can hated it everyone didn't understand

it this is fake nurse actually no

because your music taste is so


you wouldn't even know where this is

actually from because that's the only

engage of anything that's black and

weird that you could get this from but

that's actually from this and I'm not

saying that album is good or bad I'm

just saying people who can hate it that

so when I put this out and it it beat

first week and again I don't make to

beat first week or beer ad or whatever

but for this work of art and that album

cover in these videos and me doing this

suit wig thing beat and this is no

disrespect to Khalid or anyone but this

had every person in the industry

everyone on that album everyone

everyone cardi B 21 savage Travis got

post Malone Beyonce J everyone who sells

billions of Records and the fact that I

beat him with this

that isn't parallel to all the popping

music right now was king crazy Birla it

are you serious

like that was insane to me and it's new

to me bro come on album 5 and say yeah

I'm sorry and it's were it's work its

effort it's work this is skiing whether

it's like it or not but with so much

work in detail put into this like before

you go I gotta ask you I have to ask you

man as I'm so proud of you should be

home hyped

P facetiming global I told him little

blah blah blah I was happy yeh I talk to

you like telling these people that I

love who are proud of me and I hung up

and I'm like alright sick this

week school but that'll mean that little

number one is baby scale in the grand

scale like all right back to work back

to this movie make sure this is good

make sure you like that number one is

baby bro I'm getting so grateful and

happy but don't get it stuff that's baby

oh I still got it I think I have the one

of the best festivals we got top three

festivals right now it's Coachella then

it's me and then I don't know whoever's

max but I have to make sure I keep

pushing that to get to number one at

some point what's the movie oh I just

I'm gonna make movies at some point you

got a script already really good I'm

good ideas and maybe who knows I know I

have to ask you before you go now you

can tour and you can tour the world yeah

like not 95 percent of the world but the

world you go back to the UK which is so

crazy and we were gonna have a

conversation when that first happened we

were somehow dancing here on the idea of

having conversation is didn't landed it

wasn't the right time and then you've

just been back to the UK chaos ensued

healthy chaos excitement but now you've

got three like you've got official shows

you can't even imagine what's gonna be

like stiff on the stage it's gonna be

insane and I'm so hyped man I'm happy to

go back I'm I'm Heights man and I'm

happy you it's gonna be great it's work

to do though it's work to do