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hello I'm Brian Tracy and today I want

to give you some tips on how to study

improve your memory and retain more

information although there's a plethora

of study skills that can be found in

books or online most of these sources

will only gloss over important content

that shows you how to retain information

and study efficiently thankfully I'm

going to elaborate on five proven

strategies that can help you maximize

your retention and make your hours of

study time worthwhile so whether you're

enrolled in online courses college grade

school independent study or studying

information reserved for an occupation

you will find these techniques

incredibly effective for your study

techniques and memory one of the main

study skills that you should focus on is

we do see the amount of interference

around you interference is when the

information you've previously learned is

interfering with the information you're

currently learning this means that the

information you're currently learning is

having a hard time sticking in your

memory due to what you've already

studied interference is known to cause

confusion when everyone needs to recall

studied materials sometimes it's called

noise this is due to the fact that the

brain can mix up new information that

you have previously learned to put this

into perspective let's say you went to a

business conference and met several

people then you attend another gathering

a week later and met even more people

this interference might cause you to

forget several names since your brain is

trying to process several names at once

so to avoid these issues try over

learning material this makes it less

likely for any interference or noise

to occur if you can recall information

without a pause for thought you've over

learned information which is the goal

another thing one can do to improve

memory is to make the information

meaningful have the materials make sense

compare what you're learning to

something that you might be very

familiar with whether it be sports or

gaming applying what you've learned your

favorite subjects might make the

information easier and faster to digest

for color pens are another way to help

improve your study and keep information

organized in your brain for example

applying colored inks for specific study

reduces interference which makes it

easier for your brain to retain

information this is due to the fact that

colored inks inadvertently help you

utilize image based techniques to anchor

subjects with mental images spacing out

study is another excellent method for

retaining information and improving

study as opposed to studying a single

subject for three hours why not study

for one hour on three different

occasions with a little bit of time

management on your part learning and

retaining new information can be much

easier concentrating two months on a

single subject can be counterproductive

one effective way to build your studying

skills is practice whole and part

learning a great way to look at this

would be combining a mix of a careful

study on specific sections and learning

everything straight through read through

materials once or twice then separate

the more complex information to

reinforce what you already know for long

or difficult materials read through the

information quickly break up that

information into logical parts and then

review all materials from beginning to

end one of the more effective ways to

reinforce your retention and improve

study would be reciting the materials


trying to memorize reciting what you're

trying to memorize helps one avoid

illusions of competence when attempting

to understand materials this verbal

repetition makes one pay better

attention to the materials they're

trying to memorize which is a practice

that was utilized by Abraham Lincoln

himself if you can recite what you're

studying from a sentence of your

materials chances are you won't have a

problem for getting the information your

study lastly one of the most important

methods to improve your studying habits

includes using a study system have a

game plan when approaching new material

and then act on it given the several

different study methods listed above one

should have no problem memorizing

materials and achieving their goals

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