How To Play Music Offline Amazon Music

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how are you welcome to go and attack in

this video I'll show you how to play

music offline and the Amazon music app

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alright so let's go back to the Amazon

music app to listen to music offline

annum and the Amazon music app they

actually have a built-in feature that

will allow you to use the app in the in

an offline mode and in this video I'll

show you how to enable the offline mode

basically now once you have the app open

like this like I have a make sure you've

logged in look in the upper right hand


you see these three dots over here tap

on those and this menu appear from the

bottom tap on this menu no sorry top of

here wave says offline music and you see

this says here offline music mode by the

way in order to play music offline you

first must have downloaded the music and

if you don't know download music either

just at one specific song or you don't

know download entire albums or playlists

as in my video description I've already

at this point created videos on how to

download specific songs album or

playlist so first you have to know how

to download that music and then come

back to this video and you can follow

the instruction that I just show you and

you'll be able to play music offline as

you can see right here there's all these

songs and if I click over here where it

says my music I have like all these

options so I like artists you can

download an entire artists or you can

download a specific album or a song and

I have all these songs that I'll be able

to play offline so if say if I click

Michael Jackson's rock with you as you

can see it's playing offline that's how

you can play music offline and Amazon

music app if you have any other

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