Best Use of Radio for a launch - Apple Iphone - 92.7 BIG FM

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category best use of radio for launch

and rename apple i freak for iphone 3

apples changed the world Adam's apple

Newton's apple and the most popular

Steve Jobs Apple is Lee age of Apple

came a iphone 5s or 5c kerr india me who

won launch go by McKenna was just not

the apple thing so we thought kuna

customers occurring Apple co-promote by

saying I freak for iphone I will be the

first one to get the new iphone already

a quick a pre hype phase me india ki

eight cities need a key iphone la

mezquita area 92.7 big FM presents hi

I'm iphone freak Rohan Aurora karate

brown belt and I'm back to my everyday

practice iphone 5s Kakuma subset baggage

upon tyne I have to be the first one to

grab the iphone 5s biggest i freak for

iphone iphone free Rohan is all set to

be the first one to own the first iphone

5s in your city are you freaky enough

SMS your craziest updates on double 5454

or log on to www mpf em and you can be

the first one to own the new iphone

iphone lover scheme madness hi I'm

Meghna and I free for iphone excitement

is in the air and my facebook is already

updated I will be among the first ones

to own iphone 5c in gurgaon I will see

you in the queue on first November 2013

at galleria mall TL f is for go down or

is madness cope pump up kiya big f NK

Archie's me by distributing free passes

to the launch event a beam up early

November go ye canna valeo muchos New

York Attorney beauty good morning meri

jaan i need two point seven to give him

sundry amir and i'm a debug marisa

hanisha art busker pavan minute Irwin

Tsubaki October chip Pacheco a bath

radicchio geeky three bottom Bisaccia kk

egg november co apple iphone 5s or 5c

zulu launched on a valet or line know my

knowledge nobody ischemic heart / / big

FM callistus come from special passes

they rake or a pasar apana chatty otaku

Mary Creagh van a pariah anyways eval

initiative concretely Oh Madame cases

LDC ABNA mobile Niccolo very good is

your message redbox me Joe Kalia ok LECO

big space iphone space of nana or

Isabelle hockey are double 54 54 / or a

Jew pass a special voila alla rakha mil

gaya toh upon belly in the sauna mr. ban

ja gijinka Hodgman

launched valid in an a cappella member

valid in he apple iphone 5s yeah live

see Creed Nikki baccarat free mini me

liga de la sunday donated 2.7 big FM and

first november two thousand thirteen

india saw the iphone madness coming

alive erc para dildo gonna get a lickin

GOP i'll get there apple iphone 5s or 5c

save OV asghar agha a good evening GG

92.7 big FM former finish a facade ghana

ghana volleyball coaches teriyaki UK r

gk then launched hua apple iphone 5s or

5c the limits of drew jacobo mil raha

Galia market ball gown or satis arcelik

city walk mall sir give me maharaja

debug mode you there Shailaja

Deepika passport jati or catch arrive

upper division latina right now okie

hopper shark screams leggy and his

medical degree he would be big-screen

else cooper bangalore happy chandigarh

after mumbai arg2 scintilla low-key

party to Jerusalem champion so the link

a chorus a build are mere saath better

manage tennis Eric romelo was a pastor

at abuja McGarrett a bottom are a number

on my pre patient cantieri phone Leen

agree Vodafone DVD occupations iphone da

toefl yellow poncho folio consigliere

white and black VMA ipad folio to finger

idea we are significant capacity to

unlock a sexy look you are everyone at

ahana for the chair finger green shoots

a touch a touch paper tell it there so

nice to meet you gonna tell marty of the

tribune be turning into a very high on

papers I've seen Karma together do

pocket mucho trabajo y thank you so much

baristo gigliotti trauma crisologo

diagne todo poder llegar a or Meiko keef

el al cam video de que no me pure on

kita bisa fatma llegado jumeirah fonzo

Menon ko khabar merely breaking it

aravali could merely be Madonna gavel

I'll 92.7 big FM peraga big Sojo Vegito

jelly actually zebre Cuba super Joe 92.7

big FM pehli baar a purchase a high-end

brand a radio kokia trust as the primary

medium of their large promotions and we

can proudly say that it was a huge

success with long queues and hours of

waiting at the launch event