This 3D Audio Experience Will Blow Your Mind (Wear Headphones)

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I'm about to introduce you to a strange

environment that you might not know

about the world of 3b sound now this is

something that I've been interested in

for a very long time searching up

binaural audio and these different sound

scapes and experiences that you could

have in your headphones if you've ever

experienced some of these videos it is

incredible how much detail you can get

just using your ears I know exactly

where this is right now or what this is

right now or I feel like I'm there you

see most audio recordings that you hear

are single channel audio like this

microphone right here but you have two

ears one and two we hear things in two

channels not just one you know you get

the little in fact I want you to put on

headphones for this video put them on

right now from this point forward

because some interesting things are

gonna happen this is the product it's

brand new it's called the ambient from

Sennheiser you know Sennheiser obviously

been in the game forever now I've got a

bunch of them actually look at this very

exciting I'm gonna put some details on

Twitter I'm gonna give these away to you

guys so go follow me there and look out

for the tweet a microphone on each

earpiece for 3d recording audio

converters powered by Apogee I have

their products sitting on my desk 3d

recordings reproducible on any other

headphones so you use these headphones

to get the recording and then everyone

else gets to experience those

soundscapes on regular headphones

transparent hearing is a feature that

lets you hear what is going on around

you to amplify your sound while you're

wearing these so they still work as a

high quality set of headphones and it's

also got a remote control in it there's

a picture of the remote control so you

can record at any moment and they just

look like regular earbud that is the

setup I feel like you guys need this

type of visual so you can understand but

that's what it looks like a nice little

carrying bag here what is this

this is a very soft I can tell her Eddy

silky that's how you know it's a legit

equipment they're very soft so this is

what they look like this is the

microphone on the outside your speaker

unit your earphone on the inside the

magic happens in here this is your

converter apparently this indicator here

will identify when the surround

microphone is on it'll work in the

native video recording app on your

device and everything happens over this

single lightning connection some extra

ear tips depending on the size of your

ear canal this guy on the bottom here is

for transparent hearing you can have the

microphones on the outside set to

minimum so you hear no noise no

surrounding noise you can have a kind of

mix in the center here so you can hear

your surroundings a little bit or you

can have a maximum effect where your

surroundings are amplified and you can

kind of have this hyper awareness like a

superhero of course I went into video

mode on the camera the red light came on

to identify that we are in surround

sound 3d audio recording territory talk

now yeah okay so you know how your own

voice is amplified when your ears are

plugged alright then I plug it in

thought that is so weird that man that's

wild I hear you a little bit better than

when I had them completely out you're

able to be more aware of your

surrounding that's kind of the effect

I'm having here I'm gonna go back into

the camera app and begin a recording I

need you to put your headphones on right

now to truly experience this properly



it's almost like a physical experience

almost like a visual perception but only

using sound that you can place it even

with your eyes closed in a way we almost

don't appreciate our hearing enough all

of a sudden it's like there's so much

more nuance to it that brings me to the

next part obviously this was a

simulation of those sound effects here

in the studio these are really meant to

be used in environments so in this next

part of the video you're gonna go to a

few different environments and you're

not going to know what those

environments are not at first I want you

to use just your ears in order to

determine where you are

roll the environments

was it generally known that you are a

piano player and they do know how to

write songs not until they joined the

band don't you think to being in a band

it's way more secure for a performer and

place yourself it's not you just out

there on the other age sub that mean why

did you leave the best way to keep



so how about that experience huh what

your ears are capable of finally the

audio can match the immersion of the

video quality that our devices are

capable of shooting if you made it

through this video without headphones on

you did not experience the true

capabilities here go back rewatch with

your earbuds in and you'll see exactly

what i'm talking about this is the kind

of product that gets me excited this is

actual vinyl 3d sound recording that you

could put in your bag in your pocket

connect to your phone and you're ready

to go so don't forget I got three more

of these

I can't wait to send them out to some

lucky people you guys can use and show

me how you're using them upload your

clips do some crazy 3d audio stuff I'm

sure we just scratched the surface but

this it's a whole new world