How To List Your Home on Zillow FSBO - For Sale By Owner - Walkthrough

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hey guys and welcome back in today's

video I'm going to be showing you how to

list your home on for sale

this can be a for sale by owner if

that's what you're interested in doing

first thing you're going to want to do

is make an account on Zillow and log

into it I'm currently logged in to the

demonstrational account that I made once

you logged in to your account the first

thing you're going to want to do is

claim the your own house or the house

that you're going to be selling so this

is just going to be an example to show

you how to do it but we've been using

Las Vegas Nevada as an area in a lot of

the videos I've made I'm showing you how

to utilize the tools of Zillow but you

can just search by area and then hover

over your house or you can just type in

your exact address right in this bar and