AutoCAD Xrefs and Layers

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so as you can see here what I've done is

I've attached an xref so just going to

type X rough so we can see what we have

attached here and I can see I've

attached this detail drawing to it

so what AutoCAD does in that case is it

takes the name of the file and actually

appends that as a prefix to the name of

the layer so I can see detail and then

the pipe symbols of the vertical line

then the name the layer from the xref it

does is to keep the extra Flair separate

from the whole strong otherwise you'd

have the issue of boat you know the same

layer name existing both both drawings

and then it wanting to use the

properties from the host drawing because

that's what happens with blocks so in

the case of xrefs what it does is

actually prepense or prevents the name

here with the pipe symbol in front of