RESUME EXPERIENCE SECTION: How to Describe Work Experience on a Resume & QUANTIFY your experience

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We really want you to show that you offer a high return on investment

With as many quantifiable elements metrics as possible

Hey Badass and welcome back to the Badass Careers youtube channel

Which is all about helping you to design your dream career and get you really intentional about going out there and making that happen

If you're new around here, my name is Rosie

I'm a New Zealander hence the funny accent and i'm an ex-corporate hr manager slash recruiter turned career coach

And I help people all around the world to find clarity find their purpose to brand and position themselves and to land their next

Dream move, and if you're here, you're probably working on your resume. Right? And so I don't need to tell you twice the importance

Of having a very standout strategic resume document especially in the kind of competitive market that we have today

So congrats on being here because this is already the first step to making sure that your resume

Looks different sounds different and actually makes recruiters and hiring managers be like, whoa. Who's this?

We have to meet them and if you're here as well

You've probably heard a thousand times over that you need to

quantify your accomplishments on your resume and you need to back it up with data and you're probably like

My work is impossible to quantify and all of that good stuff. And that's exactly what we're gonna dive into in this video

I'm actually gonna talk you through step by step

How you can quantify qualify and make the achievements and accomplishments

Under your experience section on your resume that much more impactful

so let's talk about how we can turn your experience section into a series of

accomplishment statements so that you can really showcase your

Transferable skills and all your best stuff so that you can really stand out as the high value hire