How I LIST Vintage on Etsy - Photographing, Etsy App with Tips

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all right so we're currently setting

down in my photo area in my Etsy room

this is where I have my lamp set up

right here three light system and I

forget what kind of bulbs they are if I

can look it up I'll write it down below

in the video and in the description but

I use particular lights so that the

white is a certain color some lights are

bluer than others and some are too blue

and some are too yellow so I've worked

hard on trying to find efficient

lighting that doesn't heat up as well

so I think these are LED but I need to

double check that so this is the area

where items come in there's the front

door to the etsy room we're in the

basement right now in my Etsy room and

I've showed this before this particular

room there is a tour video of this room