How to list users in Ubuntu

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hi there in this video I'm gonna explain

you how I can list all the users index

to list all these are silly Linux or

here to do is you have to use one

command called us actually we you have

to be the contents of the file called

the slash addition slash fashionably

where the users are listed so just

display the contents of that and you

will get this output so how to read this

past abilify first name is username then

second is the password information the

next what follows is the UID of go to

party and then use the red directory and

further information of the user so if

you want to just display the usernames

what you can do is you can use the cut

command like delimited by the colon and

then if you want to view the fields 1 &

3 you can type like that and then they

move the file that is a DC password and