How to list users in Linux | Linux in a minute

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do you need to list all the users on a

Linux system well i'm domp is that

educator at IT pro TV and I'm gonna show

you how in under a minute let's get

started in Linux all of the user

accounts are stored in a file inside of

the slash et Cie directory so you can

pull up that file by using the can't

command CA T and then specify /et c /p a

sswd this used to be the password file

but now it maintains just a user list

for most modern Linux systems when I run

that command I will get a list of all of

the user accounts and this includes

users like mine D pizzette as well as

service accounts like G DM pulse no each

of those will be listed there but every

user account of your system will have an

entry right here inside of slash etc'

slash passwd thanks for watching this