How to List Unique Values with Advanced Filter in Excel

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welcome to Excel campus my name is John

and in this video I'm gonna explain how

to create a list of unique values with

the advanced filter so this is a follow

up video to a previous video where I

explained how to do this with the remove

duplicates feature in Excel and also

using a macro but there was some great

comments that came in that said we can

also do this using the advanced filter I

believe as Bart and Charlie and Leonid

all made that suggestion so I want to

share a video here on how to do that

technique as well so in our example here

we're going to take the salesperson

column and we just want to create a list

of all the unique values in this column

here you can see we have some duplicate

values and we just want to create a list

of unique values so Excel has another

tool built-in called advanced filter and