Resume Writing Tips : How to Write an Academic CV

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hello we're here today to talk about how

to write or build an academic CV

academic CVS are different than what we

call corporate resumes and by the way C

V stands for curriculum vitae you'll

also hear it called Vita or curriculum

Vita just depending on who you're

talking to and where they learn to Latin

any case that means course of life they

are characterized by being much longer

than the average corporate resume which

shouldn't really be longer than two

pages academic resumes can run up to 25

or 30 pages depending on study and

conferences and publications and things

so let's take a look at what one of

these might look like to give you a

better idea of what we're proposing as

you might expect at the very top you

would have name and address and contact

information telephone number cell phone

number and it's important to identify

which number is which because people are

more likely to call you on a cell phone

these days and they would be on a home

phone and then a summary of

qualifications which is a summary

paragraph of really who you are as a

professional person as a member of the

Academy and education goes at the top

just underneath summary of qualification

and we would include the title of your

dissertation in this case the title

broadly speaking was feminist rhetoric

and then underneath that would be still

graduate school but under PhD and in

this case whatever your thesis was and

as you move back down through your

various education degrees and then

additional academic teaching experience

that you might have had and all the way

down to awards and honors that you've

received throughout your academic career

conferences that you have attended

spoken at or attended are very important

to include as well in the academia

Academy disciplinary text that you might

have reviewed as part of your position

graduate student advisement of teaching

experience that you've had academic

service that you have performed

memberships whatever you may be a member

of various societies professional

academic societies and last but not

least in an academic resume or a CV we

include references of course here

additionally language that you may speak

and computer skills that you have

but references in this particular case

the person who has this resume has put

her references on a server you can also

include these in a hard copy or as an

attached part of the CV so as you can

see an academic CV is generally quite a

lot longer than a corporate resume it

includes different elements but the idea

is the same as with all resumes it is to

give the person a brief snapshot of who

you are and hopefully to get the

interview thank you