Graduate student resumes: highlighting an academic project

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this tutorial follows on from resumes

101 it is specifically designed for

students who want to showcase their

research and academic experiences in

ways that capture the attention of

employers within and beyond the Academy

the following video focuses on how your

experience undertaking an academic

project can be used to highlight key

competencies that employers are looking

for this example demonstrates how

Mohammad showcases his engineering

project which required him to work with

a team of students to conduct an HDR

quality metric review and development

when describing an academic project

whether it is building a robot creating

a marketing plan or collaborating on an

analytical report it is important to

highlight your achievements and the

results of your work

it's what employers are looking for on

resumes and CVS present the work with

three bullet points highlighting the

scope skills and abilities applied

outline the goal of your project in this

example Muhammad and his teammates are

responsible for designing and testing a

new data set for evaluation of image

quality metrics with emphasis on

applications in computer graphics in his

resume Muhammad provides a background of

the project and its industry

implications by outlining achievements

such as the terms of reference and

project timeline that he co-created with

his teammates industry representative

and his supervisor highlight the skills

and abilities you applied during the

project specific references are made to

Muhammad's leadership and technical

expertise specifically with C++ and

MATLAB as well as designing an algorithm

that accurately estimates quality of

high dynamic range

what is the result of the project

Muhammad articulates three key results

for this project first the team's design

testing and findings exceeded the

industry representatives expectations

and earned the team on a plus second the

team's novel research will be

incorporated into a peer reviewed

journal article and third the team's

project and accomplishment will be

featured in UBC reports remember be sure

to articulate your accomplished

not just describing the process of a

project this example demonstrated that

you can present an academic project in a

way that highlights the competencies

that employers are looking for to learn

more about how you can transform your

academic experiences into professional

accomplishments please review our

library of Graduate Student resume CV

and letter samples and also check out

our expert advice video series