How to make a reference list for beginners

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okay so first of all I have a paragraph

here with three references in it and I

want to find the complete references

thesis that I can create a reference

list so the first thing that I'm going

to do is to go to Google Scholar and I

am going to copy and paste the author

and the year into Google Scholar and I'm

also going to type in a couple of

keywords from the title of the paper

which in this case will be drop us

ferret ozone and once I have found the

paper I'm going to go down here to cite

and these are the five most common

methods of referencing I'm going to

select Harvard and I'm going to ctrl C

to copy and ctrl V to paste and then I'm

going to do that two more times the

other references so I'm going to copy

this and I'm going to paste it and I'm

going to remove the at Al and this time