Resume Builder Step 5: How to write your EDUCATION Section

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pay down Georgia here with job

interview tools in this video we're

going to teach you how to write your

education section on your resume now

typically your education section goes

after your experience which is at the

end of your resume there are other

places to put your education you can

move it up to the beginning but for the

sake of this video I'm gonna go with

standard placement which is at the

bottom of your resume it's pretty easy

to do you want to start off and just

make a list of all your training

education that's relevant to the job

if you've already downloaded my resume

writing worksheet that you've already

done that step you filled out the

worksheet you know all the information

I'm asking for that you need to write

your section if you don't have this

there should be a link at the bottom of

this video where you can click and get

that PDF worksheet download it fill it

out and then this section will probably

make a lot more sense to you but there

isn't a lot to writing your education

section I'm really just going to show

you by example here and here's a few

different examples of what an education

section could look like we have a title

here called education we have a BA in

Business Administration from the Ohio

State University in Columbus Ohio in

1998 simple as that if you had a pretty

fancy GPA that you wanted to show off

you could put you know comma GPA you

know 4.0 you could also put you know

magna laude if you graduated with

honors things like that like we did here

Masters of Business Administration and

Finance from Baldwin Wallace College

backed up Mladic it's as simple as


there's no real set way to doing this

you can do it any way you want here's

another example here this person here

may have being in French and

international relations from

Pennsylvania they have another one here

they actually went to Paris they have a

certificate or commercial certificate in

1987 your education section you can list

certificates any kind of training or

college education that you have now

here's a good example of one where they

didn't graduate yet

they have expected completion date in

2018 and here's another one here

University launched an expected

completion date very optimistic there

but it's really kind of whatever you

want you're just telling them you know

where you went to school what you've

done when you're listing your degree for

example Bachelor of Arts it's a compute

come you can say be a B period a or just

spell out Bachelor of Arts it really

doesn't matter

this statement here understand the

market for your skills and avoid

appearing overqualified so let's say you

have a master's degree and you're

applying for jobs that don't require a

master's degree that master's degree

could end up hurting him it really

depends in some cases you might even

want to take it off right here consider

listing all non college education you

know such as training certifications

achievements you can put them directly

under your education section

I mean optionally you can create a new

section but I don't really think you

need to this is putting it all under

your education this section is going to

save you some space on your resume

because it's going to fill up rather

quickly now what if you don't have a

college degree I get asked this a lot in

my book experience speaks louder than


I've seen many job seekers who don't

have any college degrees making a lot of

money and all they have is a high school

diploma as their only formal education I

mean not having a college education or a

bachelor's degree can prevent you from

moving up the corporate ladder if you're

working in a big company like IBM Exxon

Mobil or something like that

if you're going to move into management

and things like that you're going to

want to have a bachelor's or master's

degree but for you to get by you really

don't need a college education smaller

companies I found personally I found

smaller companies to not be as concerned

with the college education

as larger companies they're more

concerned with people who could deliver

results who want to work who want to

work hard and and help the company grow

well while helping themselves advance

their careers but you know don't get me

wrong I mean a college Duke gives you a

huge advantage in your career but it's

not an absolute requirement there are

just so many other ways around it but if

you don't have it I wouldn't worry about

it now if you feel

you don't have any education to list I

really urge you to put something under

your education section even if you only

went to college for you know one quarter

you know just list that you attended

college and you know you don't have to

say that you graduated obviously you

didn't but you can say that you went

there list any kind of experience or not

experience but list any type of training

or seminars that you've been to or home

study courses or anything that's related

to the types of jobs that you're looking

for all of this is going to help other

ideas are associations achievements

professional training and certifications

now optionally if you don't have any

college work at all and you just don't

feel good about listing an education

section then just change your education

section to professional training or

professional development and that will

work just as well so let's go ahead and

add education to our resume and this

should pretty much complete it so what

I'm gonna do is I'm gonna list my

education here and then I um you don't

want a bullet point your education so

what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna say we

went to the University of Washington we

have a bachelor's degree in business

administration and we graduated with

honors why not and there we go our

resume is a perfect one-page resume

actually we have a little bit more space

on there but you know this is just a

sample and the real deal tends to to

push the envelope on two pages pretty


okay that's all there is to it there's

five simple sections to your resume you

have your heading which we did you have

an objective you have a skills summer

your experience and your education

that's all there is to it

so now it's up to you to go and write

your resume with what you learned here

today I think you're going to write a

resume that is will truly impress any

employer who

and you're gonna find that you'd have

employers calling you like crazy for

jobs now I have other resources for you

that I'm going to list at the bottom of

this video some of the other resources I

have for you are the 30 minute resume

this is a collection of resume templates

that you can look at and use to help you

write your own resume this is a short

little a book you can download it I'll

put the link underneath this video for

you I'm all you got to do is put in your

email address so I know where to send

the book to and it's pretty simple it's

got several different resumes in it from

you know we've got finance we've got

Information Technology we've got

management template what else is in here

a teaching template so just you know I

think there's five different resumes in

here and all these are gonna help you to

write a you know a better resume for


when you when you can see what other

people are doing so this is great this

is the 30-minute resume the other tool I

have for you is called fix your resume

in 15 minutes

fix resume in 15 minutes is a collection

of tricks and some techniques you can

use to make your resume stand out it's

kind of a way to go through your resume

and find out and discover all the things

that that you're doing wrong that need

improvement and so I cover all those

strategies talked about how a resume is

not a confession how to avoid being

overqualified how to you know read the

job description before you send your

resume volunteerism appropriate fonts

all kinds of stuff there's just so much

more about resumes that I can cover in

these short little videos that I'm doing

for you so that's why I wrote these

other books fix your resume in 15

minutes and I'll put the link for this

ebook below the video so you can go

ahead and download that as well and

that's all I have for you today this is

down George

with job interview tools we'll see you

next time bye-bye