REVEALING MY RESUME || Tips to Write a Stellar College Resume

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what is up tending I'm back here today

with another video firstly thank you so

much for liking and commenting on my

last video which I emphasized the

importance of a college resident in the

application process so because you guys

asked for it in this video we're gonna

talk about how to write a great resume

to portray yourself in the best way

possible for the colleges you're

applying to tip number one don't be

humble I'm sorry that was so bad oh man

where is this video you've been going

there's a time to be humble but this is

not the time to do so

if you don't reap for yourself and your

accomplishments throughout high school

no one else will so when you're listing

out your commitments and achievements

throughout high school don't be hesitant

don't be humbled you want to list them

out as straightforward and as

confidently as you can so to wrap this

all up don't be humble when you're

listing your achievements and

accomplishments on your resume if you

try to be humble you'll come across as

someone who's not really sure of what

they've done throughout high school

which is not really a good thing all


tip number two highlight your key

accomplishments and commitments so what

I want to say with this tip is you want

to outline every single thing you've

done in highschool instead pick out and

emphasize the most meaningful

experiences and successes you've had

throughout high school and that you

would like colleges to know about you

wait so are you telling me not to

include that I got 90 on my library quiz

three years ago

um yeah I'm definitely saying you should

do that and come on the 90 bro anyways

another point that I want to include in

this tip is not to include any test

scores that you've gotten in the past

there should be a separate section in

your application that includes your SAT

and a CT scores so don't include those

redundancies in your resume alright next

tip guys tip number three formatting is

key that's it anyways your resume is

very much a visual representation of

yourself if everything is just scattered

and not very appealing to the eye your

admissions officer will not have a good

time reading it another thing guys don't

make your resume longer than two pages

your resume should be as short as you

can make it while also highlighting all

your key accomplishments and

achievements so going back to tip number

two if you find that your resume is

super long try and taking out some of

the minor accomplished

it's activities that you don't find that

much value in for example if you've gone

to Nationals for a sport or for an

instrument maybe you don't have to

include that you want regionals for the

activity so just tiny tweaks like this

can make your resume that much more

concise and appealing to your admissions

officers eyes so as a takeaway for tip

number three just make your resume as

appealing to the eye as you can and try

to make it shorter than two pages and do

not cheat it by using a super small font

your admissions officer will not like

you for doing that alright next tip tip

number four have people review your

resumes so just as he asked her teachers

your family your friends for feedback on

your college essays you should do the

same thing for your resume our resumes

should be a good representation of

yourself but it should also be a true

reputation of yourself think about it

this way if your best friend picks up

your resume and it doesn't have your

name on it they should still be able to

discern that it's yours

if they can't that means your resume is

not specific or comprehensive enough so

to ensure that your resume is more

personal we'll make sure to detail what

you've done and the activities that

you've listed so in my resume you could

see that under each listing of a club or

activity that I've done I've included

several bullet points that explain what

I've done exactly in that activity so

the addition of those bullet points

gives a more comprehensive kind of story

that shows the reader what I've done so

by no means do you have to use the same

format I've shown you but you should

definitely detail the activities that

you've done in each commitment or

activity that you've shown in your

resume alright guys I hope those tips

give you a general understanding on how

to write a good resume for colleges now

before we end this video I want to make

sure you know that not every college

requires a resume and for those colleges

simply don't provide it the last thing

you want to do is flooded admissions

officers with excess information then

ask for and it will come across that you

didn't follow their instructions so

submit your resume to any college that

gives you the option of submitting your

resume also around springtime like

February or March colleges usually have

interviews with your applicants so make

sure you bring a printed copy of a

resume when that starts all right guys I

really hope this video helps you guys

out in some way if you guys enjoyed and

learn something from this video please

give me a thumbs up and if

any questions or video requests make

sure to leave that in the comments as

well as always guys thank you so much

for watching and I'll catch you in the

next video peace