Formatting an APA Style Reference List

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Hi, this is Kurtis from the Writing Center.

I'm going to show you how to format an APA style reference list in Microsoft

Word. I'll be covering the label, hanging

indentations, the main reference entry pattern, and alphabetization.

The reference list begins on the first line of a new page.

The page number continues in sequence from the previous body page because the

references are part of the same document. Before

typing the reference list, there is one formatting change to

make in the paragraph settings. In the

paragraph tools section of the Home tab, click

the line and paragraph spacing icon and select Line Spacing Options

from the menu. In the indentation section, click the Special

menu and change the setting to Hanging. The

preview pane in this paragraph settings window will

show that instead of all lines being flush

with the left margin, only the first line is aligned with the

left margin, and all subsequent lines in the

paragraph are indented. This is how references

are formatted. While you have the paragraph

settings open, note that the line spacing should be set to double, and the box is