How to format your paper in APA style in 2022

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hi everyone welcome to the smart student

my name is Chelsea Seabury today I'm

gonna cut right to the chase because we

have a lot of ground to cover this is a

tutorial on how to format your paper in

the 7th edition in APA style these are

the most recent APA guidelines released

in October 2000 19 under the 7th edition

there are two specific guidelines for

setting up your papers one for

professionals and the other for students

this is a tutorial for students now that

includes high school students college

students up to graduate students as long

as your paper is not for publish then

you would follow the APA guidelines for

students if you're only looking for a

specific part of APA formatting please

refer to the video description below

where I add it in the video content so

you could skip ahead to the part that