How to Format a List of Job References for Job Interviews

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hey everybody Don Georgia here

with job interview tools calm I'm always

getting emails from people asking how do

they format a list of job references

well I want to tell you that it's really

not that hard it's very very simple

thing to do all you need to start with

or the names and the contact information

of at least three to four of your best

job references it's always a good idea

to call these people to just make sure

that you have their permission to use

them as a reference then to format this

list title the top of your page as

professional references for say Susan

Smith and you can put that in bold

Center it and maybe in a 12 to 14 point

font then very simply left justified put

your references list your references

start off with the reference name the

company where they work with their

position city state email address and a

contact number and just put each one of

these things on their own line then

proceed to the next reference and you do

this three or four times now I actually

I actually show you how to do this on my

blog but you know you really don't even

need that you don't it's really that

simple now keep in mind that your

references should be on one single piece

of paper make sure that you don't put

references available on request on your

resume mainly because it's unnecessary

and because employers will assume you

have references and they will ask you

when they're getting closer to making

you a job offer now when you're creating

your reference sheet to take to the

interview put it on a letterhead that

matches your resume if it's white paper

that's fine if you're using some type of

off-white fancier paper that's fine too

just make sure it all matches and in

addition to looking good the letterhead

will identify whose reference sheet if

it gets passed around to other people

it'll all just stuff together it will

match that's all I have for you today

for more help with this

more interview questions and answers and

tips on writing references stop by my

site job interview tools calm day time

the star George Fitch take care bye