How to Use a References Template | The Resume Manual

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Welcome to this video module, focusing on how to use the references template.

Our team is constantly creating professional performance references templates for our members

to use in combination with their performance resumes. We have designed each of our references

templates as a WORD document. This allows you as the performer, to fully customize and

arrange the information included within the references template. To download your performance

references templates, login to our website and go to the Digital documents page of the

membership area. Here you can find the list of each of our references templates. Simply

click on the references template that you would like to use, and your computer should

then ask to either open or save the file to your computer. We recommend that you save

the document to your computer so that you are able to access and begin creating your

performance references document at any time.

Here is an example of one of our many performance and business references templates. Each reference

template that we have created varies in both presentation and style. So make sure that

you look for the reference template that will work best for you.

After you have selected your references template, and saved the file to your computer you can

now begin creating your professional performance references. Simply place your curser in each

area to replace the template text, with your own contact information and reference contact

information. Simply complete each section and move on to the next as you work through

the references template. Use your References worksheet from the book, The Resume Manual

to guide you as you work on your performance references.

Once you have completed your personal performance references document, make sure that you review

your work. There are 4 key points to remember as you go through and review your newly created

professional references. 1. Is it formatted professionally?

a. Make sure that each section of your references is formatted exactly as you want it. Make

sure that you haven’t changed fonts throughout the document, or forgotten to include the

proper information for each of your references. Look over the document as a whole, to make

sure that the document is professionally designed and crafted.

2. Is the information current? a. The contact information for each reference

needs to be current and kept up to date. You need to assume that each of your references

will be contacted if provided. Be professional and make sure that you provide the correct

information for each performance reference. 3. References available upon request…

a. Make sure that you update your current performance resume once you have completed

your performance references. Remember to include the phrase, reference available upon request

within your resume so that directors and casting agents know that these are available if they

want additional references. 4. Are these the Best of the Best?

a. As you advance in your performance career, your performance references will shift to

reflect those advances. Always make sure that your contact information for each reference

is correct, and that each reference that you have chosen to include is the best of the

best. Always revisit your performance resume and references to see if you should tweak

certain areas to leverage your current experience and training.

Thank you once again for your time and attention. Break a leg!