How to open and close Ports in Centos7 | RHEL7

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hello everybody I'm gonna show you guys

how to open and close some ports in

Center why seven firewall D so the first

thing we need to do we need to find out

if firewall D is active and running so

in order for us to do that we would need

to issue the command system CTL status

firewall D services and here it's

telling us that yes it is active and

running so in order for you to stop this

service you just need to type in stop

and it'll stop it and if you want to

start it back up just start or if it's

already started you can also do restart

and restart it but anyway moving on

let's just jump right into it so I'm

going to show you guys how to open up a

port so you need to use the following

command firewall - CMD - - zone - public

the zone is public and by default it is

public with but you can't change it of