HOW TO LIST AN ITEM ON ETSY - how to create a listing on etsy - etsy listing tutorial

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hi everyone welcome back to my channel

so we're really getting back to basics

today and i'm going to be showing you

how to list an

item on etsy now this is not going to be

an in-depth

seo tutorial or anything like that this

is literally how to

list an item on etsy i will be giving

you some juicy tips and tricks and how i

list items on etsy to get sales and i'm

going to be taking you into my computer

now and show you exactly what you need

to do

okay so it's a list of item on it see

what you do is you go to the listings

tab here

you go across to here to add a listing

there you go you have a blank slate so

just a very very very quick fire

ways to kind of list your etsy item and