How To List On eBay | Detailed Step By Step Tutorial Guide For Beginners | 2021

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hey guys Mike here wanted to do a very

quick and basic video regarding how to

sell on even so this video is intended

for people who are brand new to eBay

have no idea how to sell and just the

step-by-step basics of how to list an

item on eBay it's very simple however

there are some little you know little

tips and tricks I'm gonna give you

excited selling on eBay for years you

know might if you're new to my channel

please subscribe so I do a lot of videos

regarding how to make money online if

that's something you're into please

subscribe so I will have a lot more

videos to come so here we are in the

home page of eBay all you do is go up to

the top right there click sell make sure

you're obviously signed in ready to go

so now again obviously you gotta tell

tell them tell the world what you're