Listing a home on Airbnb, from start to publish

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hello everyone ok I'm going to run

through the complete setup for listing a

property on Airbnb I'm sure there are a

lot of you out there who are interested

in making some money listing the

property on Airbnb the opportunities

keep growing and changing the landscape

B&B landscape continues to change every

year depending on the market you're in

location the type of property so it's

it's continuously changing and I want to

go through all of that with you but

we're going to start with the basics of

listing a property so here we go Airbnb

does change their website their format

the way their platform works so

sometimes there there are changes so

yeah it's good to keep abreast of the

changes I try to stay up to date on the

changes first let's click in here let's

click into my settings so I can show you

a sneak peek so let's see here let me

just run through this real quick

so 2012 was when I started and you can

see here there we have ten thousand

about ten to ten thousand dollars in

payouts in 2012 in 2013 twenty four

thousand almost twenty five thousand

2014 almost the same less than 25

thousand 2015 we get up to thirty eight

thousand 2016 140 mm so a big jump there

in 2016 2017 192 thousand what this does

not take into account is the fact that

some of the properties that I'm managing

are not always managed directly through

Airbnb so this payout doesn't

necessarily include all the money of the

income that we've made and obviously

doesn't reflect what I made personally

on it

so it's not the net income this is the

top-line gross rental income for several

properties as you can see here there are

a lot of properties here and not all of

them are still current some of them were

short time I was might have been working

with a renter or an owner for a short

period of time so I can go through a lot

of those opportunities with you now

let's go ahead create new listing okay

what kind of place do you have entire

place that's all I do

shared space I've done a little bit of

that don't love it okay so I miss is

gonna be a kind of a mock set up for a

real property that we have so entire

place for seven guests Richmond

California let me just back up here so

entire place for seven guests Richmond

California they're estimating an income

of fifteen hundred and sixty seven

dollars which is completely wrong

I don't know where they get these

numbers from but you know their machine

that will not be able to tell you what

you can make in the longer you do it the

more you will learn that you want to

make the experience the guest experience

the best possible experience which means

you're going to raise your potential

income a lot more 1567 i have no idea

what that would be for but nothing that

I work with so is this listing at home

yes it's a home what type of property it

is a house

what will I guess have access to the

entire place is it set up as a dedicated

guest space yes there are no personal

belongings in there so how many guests

can you accommodate seven guests it says

here how many bedrooms can guess whose

three bedrooms how many beds we have a

total of excuse me four beds within the

three bedrooms so we're gonna say

bedroom one has a double which isn't a


situation there should always at least

be a queen in my opinion but this is a

real property has a double bedroom - has

a queen bedroom three has one queen and

one single otherwise known as a twin and

then Common Spaces has zero beds how

many bathrooms one we I'm just gonna

make up an address how about that let's

not put the real address to protect the

innocent so here is a little tip if you

have a hostile neighbors or people that

you don't want completely in your

business you can drag this property off

the pin you click adjust to move the

property maybe a block away just so you

don't have people like us and two

snooping snooping too much looks good

so what amenities do you offer you

better have all the essentials Wi-Fi

shampoo closet drawers TV Heat no AC in

the Bay Area AC would be nice but no

breakfast desk this place happens to

have a fireplace they should all have an

iron a hairdryer no pets in the house

but there is a private entrance smoke

detector carbon monoxide first-aid fire

extinguisher all there there's a kitchen

laundry parking

now photo time it says many hosts have

at least eight photos make sure the room

is well-lit yada yada yada shoot from

the corner etc etcetera what I do is I

hire a professional real estate

photographer I have almost every time

because it's worth it and this is photos

are really important to put your best

foot forward and just realize that your

property people aren't gonna be able to

walk through your property they're not

going to be able to touch it and test it

nice all based on the photos and the

reviews in the description so in photos

obviously is the main part of that so

now you don't want to put anything

misleading because or don't you know you

don't want to edit it too nicely because

they might be disappointed if they get

there and that's not what they were

expecting but the photo should be

professional and can look really good so

let's see here all these photos and I

also have more my laundry photos just

add those laundry photos and my internet

speed test screenshot now we're not done

here let's put captions in kept captions

are important so we're gonna say front /

side of house

living room coffee table shake down wash

up and high-speed Internet high-speed

Wi-Fi test next describe the decor light

what's nearby well-lit newly furnished

private house complete with four beds

clean sheets towels blankets cooking

supplies gas fireplace two TVs with

Netflix and local channels it's good for

families big groups no furry friends

and nearby and always nearby if you

should always fill out as much of this

information as possible the more the

better but you don't have to fill it all

out the first time you can come back


you can even publish the listing if it's

all not finished and still come back


one o'clock play mark facing is 10 years

my listing title very very important now

what is the strongest selling point of

this property clean fresh 12 minutes to

Berkeley clean and fresh I don't know

freshest the right word

clean and fresh private house minister

barking I'm a clean and cute

boom so get ready for guests booking

settings calendar price okay so review

Airbnb guests requirements hmm err

so all Airbnb guests must provide email

address confirm phone number payment

information absolutely before booking

your home each guest must agree to your

house rules etc confirm etc let you know

how many guests are gonna be coming so

this is an additional option if you have

some reservations or you you want an

extra layer of security then you can

click that they must have a government

issue ID submitted to Airbnb now

obviously most people have a government

ID but not all of them have submitted it

to Airbnb because it's not required but

if you click this box maybe some people

won't be able to book your place just

because they haven't submitted it to

Airbnb already maybe they're maybe it's

a great person a great family and

they're looking to book a place and

they're driving they're looking for a

place for same day and you know maybe

their internet connection is slow on

their mobile phone and they're having a

hard time uploading their government ID

so maybe it's not that they're evil

villain who has a diabolical plot but

maybe they just are having problems with

the internet and so the fewer

restrictions and barriers you put the

easier it will be for the potential

guest to book your home that's what it

is but if you feel strongly or the

homeowner you're working with feel

strongly that they want that extra layer

of security at this time then go ahead

and click that and you can also click

this other box that says recommended by

other hosts and have no negative reviews

that's a strong one also just so you

know I once I don't I usually don't have

these clicked and I've gotten some


guests who have had bad reviews usually

they've worked out okay like if I see

that they had they've had a bad review

that I will let them know that I've seen

that and I will say hey just checking in

with you I saw you had a bad review

regarding cleanliness or noise just want

to make sure that's not going to be a

problem and then usually in the cases

that I'm thinking of they say it they

ensured me don't worry about it that was

a long time ago I'll take really good

care of your place and they up for the

most part half so let's uncheck those

boxes and move forward set house rules

for your guests suitable for children

yes infants yes pets no unless you're

okay with that it's another cleaning

step but usually as a default I'll start

with no smoking allowed no pets or

parties no guests must climb stairs

these are other hindrances and we're

gonna skip all of those because they

don't apply so this is basically about

instant book and right here you're

almost there almost trying to sneak this

past two but right here in the center

you can see this sentence says I want to

review every request if you click that

an instant book gets turned off and

that's kind of like the other security

layer we were talking about before but

this is a bigger biggest layer which

means nobody can auto book nobody or

excuse me can instant book

nobody can book your place without you

reviewing and approving them and that

will really slow down your bookings it's

not it's not a deal breaker but like

that would be something I might do if I

had a very valuable property and you

know with a lot of potential for damage

if you had the wrong group in there and

you really want to interview and talk to

guests and really thoroughly go through

their background you know a really high

ticket type of property you might want

to do some kind of fancy you know event

mansion or something you might want to

do before your normal kind of properties

where you need you want the volume

coming through

you would want to have this off let's

click that to see what it looks like and

they say before you make this switch

you're gonna lose earnings you're gonna

lose search and if you have it on we can

do the government ID thing and you also

have host ultimate protection if if you

have instant book on so you can allow

instant bookings or continue without

them let's click on allow them ok and

then click Next

so have you rented before I have how

often do you want to have guests as

often as possible let's start there now

here we go

we are almost published how much notice

do you need before guests arrive same

day before 10 p.m.

let's go with that or let's back this

down to 8 p.m. how about that for now

for same day just click on that ok

do you have a time frame well it's gonna

be will say 4 p.m. until 8 p.m.

oh no 4 p.m. we can say 11 p.m. is fine

we can even say midnight in general but

guests can book before 8 p.m. if it's

same day if it's same day they have to

book a p.m. you don't have to do that

you can turn that to midnight off also

but to just always have to make sure

your property is always ready to go if

it's if people have checked out you need

to always make sure your house cleaners

get in there at checkout time to have it

ready by check in how far in advance can

guess booked okay so we want to say for

now we'll start with 3 months usually I

will go 6 or 9 months because I want to

limit the risk of someone booking for a

low price for a short period of time way

in the future which could block the

potential of a better long-term guest

so we'll put 3 months for now

nights minimum will just start default

at 7:00 for minimum if you're in a real

high tourist market you might even do

one day minimum it depends on your

situation but you obviously need to make

sure your house cleaners are ready ready

on deck to go make that happen so we'll

just put maybe 120 max for now so do you

want to sync with Google Calendar iCloud

you should if you're comfortable with

those home away the RBO we can talk

about those later or iCal so block any

date so for now let's block your cat

block your complete calendar and we can

after we publish then we can go in and

open updates so let's double check your

settings click price is fixed but we

don't trust Airbnb price until they go

away to lock so we'll but I guess we

could you could do your minimum you

could set your minimum but the problem

with the pricing tool is they don't have

a separate minimum for weekdays and

weekends which is it is something to

think about

anyhow will most will go with fixed

price for now so our base price for mine

will be 144 now and we'll say no special

up offer for now weekly discount will

say 6% will start with 6 for week and 12

for the month will start like that for

now based on your settings blah blah

blah it says your calendar is blocked

don't worry about that

check your laws don't worry we'll talk

about taxes later finish

you're ready to publish Dada and here we

are let's publish you hear that there it

is so now it says would you like help

hosting your space invite a friend so

this is where you invite me you put in

my email address to invite me if we've

made that arrangement but we'll skip for

now okay and we're done you're published