How To Create An Airbnb Listing (2018) - Part 1

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so setting up the listing sounds easy

but it can be difficult

so I'm obviously not good at building

houses the cards what I am good at is

creating listings


welcome back to another episode I hope

you guys enjoyed the last one here I'm

gonna teach you guys how to create an

Airbnb listing follow me I'm gonna share

my screen and I'm going to teach you

guys step by step how to get this done

okay everybody so to create a listing

the first thing that you want to do is

you want to go to Airbnb dot CA or com

the process is going to be the same once

you're here and the page is loaded what

you want to do next is you want to log

into your account

great now that you're logged in what you

want to do is you want to hit add a new

listing so from here it's very simple

all you need to do is put in the

information about your home so let's say

for me step one what kind of place do I

have so I have a entire place it's good

for four people because I have two

bedrooms and I'm gonna put my city which

is also gonna be so they're gonna give

you a few more questions about your

listing here it's very simple

so it's an apartment and a house a

secondary unit a unique home and

bed-and-breakfast a boutique what is it

you got a tell air B&B what you're

putting up for me it's an apartment now

for the property type again it's gonna

be an apartment or is it in the condo or

is it a casa or a loft or a service

apartment so for me it's just an


what will guests have are they gonna

have the entire place like it says here

guests have the whole place to

themselves this usually includes a

bedroom a washroom in a kitchen and

that's what they're gonna have so that's

what I'm gonna click on they're gonna

get the entire apartment

as a setup dedicated to guests yes

it's primarily set up for guests no I

have my person who belongs there so this

depends and if you're only going away

for a weekend or whatnot

obviously you still gonna have some

belongings there but if you're setting

up your listing as a business then

you're probably not going to keep any of

your stuff there really so for me in

this secondary apartment am am gonna

have some stuff in there so I do have

some belongs there

now the next step how many bedrooms can

the guests use you can use - how many

beds gonna guess you - it's very simple

you just follow

steps sleeping arrangements for the

first bedroom it's gonna be a queen bed

and then in the consumer this parable

goes Oh interesting you have a whole

bunch of different options here you can

use don't get a waterbed they're not

good for bedroom number two it's gonna

be a double bed and then for the common

space people can sleep on the couch but

I prefer that they don't sleep on my

couch so I don't give it that option

number of washrooms and my apartment I

have one washroom so I'm just gonna

click that so here I just put in a

random addressed in my neighborhood so

205 Somerset Street apartment one the

town is Ottawa or the province Ontario

and the address is k2 p0j one so we're

going to go off to the next step now

they're gonna try and figure out where

you are on the map and that is pretty

accurate yeah you can even bring in even

closer to where it actually is but that

is where this address is

it looks good next one amenities are you

gonna offer my advice here is trying to

offer as many as you can obviously

there's some that you just can't offer

like if they're asking if you have a

crib for a baby and you don't have a

baby well you can't really offer that

unless you go out of your way to buy one

but stick with what you got right now

so essentials I got towels bed sheets so

toilet paper and pillows for sure Wi-Fi

shampoo closet drawers for sure TV eat

and just make your way down the list for

what you have I don't have a TV actually

um breakfast coffee tea pretty easy to

offer you can offer that desk I don't

have a fireplace I have an iron

hairdryer I have that even though I'm

bald I still let me

pets in the house no private entrance no

because it's an apartment building so

it's not private shared safety amenities

yes yes

get yourself a self a garrote get

yourself a first-aid kit

safety card this is something you're

gonna post on the fridge I'd recommend

you do that now fire extinguisher and

lock on the bedroom door I don't have

one so I'm not gonna put one there what

space can guests use so I don't have a

pool but I do have a kitchen there's a

laundry dryer washer I have parking I

don't have an elevator and they would

have a gym if you look over here there's

tips here this one says space should be

on the property don't include

laundromats or nearby places that are

part of your property if it's okay with

your neighbors you can include a pool

hot tub or other shared spaces this is

really funny how they specify that if

it's okay with your neighbors that's

pretty funny so we're gonna finish in

venues there and they're gonna go do it

maybe a review the review here I think

yeah a little-little pop-up here that

came up with how much I can earn and now

let's get some details the beds we got

that done set the scene photos short

description and a title so that's what

we're gonna go next so here a little

pop-up that came up was many hosts have

at least eight photos you can start with

just one photo and come back later to

add more including photos of all of the

spaces a guests can use helps guests

imagine staying at your home the next

step make sure the room is well-lit or

take photos during daylight hours and

then the last one

sometimes shooting from a corner instead

of straight on gives a better shot so

it's nice how they're kind of setting

you up for success here

they give you a lot of tips even before

you've done anything now for me my

photography is already done I'm just

gonna grab them put them in there and

I'm just gonna speed up this process is

it can be a little bit lengthy good so

all the pictures are uploaded everything

is here you're able to add captions to

your pictures all right thank you guys

for watching episode 1 that was it make

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catch you guys in episode number 2 bye