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Hey Youtube this is Richard, founder of

Short Term Rental Secrets .com. Today in

10 easy steps i'm going to walk you

through what you need to do to get

started with your apartment on Airbnb. So

the first thing to consider is what

exactly is it that you're renting are -

you renting your entire apartment when

you say you're out of town or do you

have an extra apartment all together

that you want to do this as a side

business or is it a private room in your

apartment maybe you have a spare second

bedroom or third bedroom and you want to

rent the room privately and then the

third option that some people do is

what's considered a shared space maybe

you're going to put a sleeper sofa in

your living room and that's what you're

renting the second thing you want to do

is literally do some research understand

the market take a look on air B&B for

your exact unit pretend you were

searching for your unit type in the size

and the location in the neighborhood and

whatever amenities you require try and

find your unit get the closest one you

possibly can and look for people that

have a lot of reviews and preferably

five star reviews they're going to guide

you that sort of the vision and that

will tell you what you can command over

time again as we've said in other videos

you're going to start lower to build

your presence and your reputation but at

least have an idea of where you can go

so the third thing you want to do now

that you know that there's demand for

your size unit in your neighborhood and

how much money you might actually make

doing this you want to go ahead and be

really critical as you walk through your

apartment and say what could make a

guest experience better and what do I

need to do to secure my private

belongings that they don't get damaged

so the way that you should do that is

think about a guest comfort they want

their own linens they want their own

towels they should be comfortable spend

what you can to make it as luxurious and

as much of a hotel like stay as possible

and then also take a look at what's

missing do i need a sleeper sofa do I

need a coffee maker do I eat whether you

use them or not it's about the guest so

think about what the guest requires and

then think about what you require for

privacy I might want to put a deadlock

or a deadbolt on this closet and that's

where I'm securing whatever is important

whether it's your golf clubs or whatever

is important to you that you don't want

to get to play with the fourth thing you

need to do is to make sure that

everything works in your home we all

have things in our home that don't

really work or we know the work around


don't have the closet light working or

the door doesn't quite close right

doesn't really bother me realize as a

host it's not about you it's about your

guests so you don't know how they're

going to use your home you don't know

why they might use that closet light but

instead of just assuming that it's no

big deal assume it is in fact a big deal

and take the proactive measure to just

get it fixed because that will lead to

more five star reviews which is your

goal vs the home isn't well maintained

none of the lights work etc that shows

up in your review that's going to hurt

your business so be really really

critical go through step by step make

sure every single thing that's in your

home works as it was designed and

intended the fifth thing that's

critically important and they can't

stress this enough in fact I'm sitting

here underlining it take high-quality

professional photos Airbnb has a great

service it's free so take advantage of

it they will send a professional

photographer to your home to photograph

your home not only are the photos

fantastic but there's a second benefit

they also put a stamp or a seal on each

photo that says this is Airbnb certified

and what that means to your guests is

this is legitimate Airbnb saw it with

their own eyes in fact they took the

photo so I can believe it if for

whatever reason Airbnb can't send a

professional photographer to your home

either you're to rural or taking too

long go ahead and click on the link in

the bio we're going to put out a video

on how to take professional quality

photos for your airbnb listing because

the quality of the photography is

probably the single most important thing

about you getting listings in addition

to the quality of the reviews so please

take your time and do this right it's

really important so a six thing for you

to consider is unless I think deters a

lot of people but it really shouldn't

it's easy to overcome is the key

exchange how are you going to get your

guests into your apartment now a lot of

people will want to meet their guests in

person and that's fine it doesn't

particularly work for me because I know

firsthand that guests come and go at all

hours of the night and on weekends and I

take vacation and so I'm not always

there to meet my guests but if you are

and that's your solution great if you're

not always there or you don't always

want to be there then there's other

things you should consider like a

lockbox is there a place that you can


a secure lock box with a code so that

your guests can go and unlock it and

have access to your apartment if not

there's a couple of other things to

consider using services such as key cafe

and we have an upcoming video so again

go ahead and subscribe that talks about

key cafe and how that works another

option is to use a full service company

like Guesty and again there's going to

be a video on that but that will

actually meet your guest and let them in

if your apartment allows or you don't

have a common key as well there's even

technologies that we're going to talk

about that allow doors to open as a

smartphone gets closed or you use a code

but it'll automatically unlock the door

so there's a variety of things figure

out what works best for you and the key

thing is that it's reliable and

consistent nobody wants a lockout or an

emergency on fourth of July weekend on a

Saturday night so figure out what works

for you make sure that you implement it

properly and then you communicate those

directions and instructions to your

guests so they can come quickly and

easily tip number seven is to login to

Airbnb create your account and actually

go through fill in all the blanks and

put your listing on the Airbnb site they

do a really great job of onboarding and

it's really straightforward they give

you all the fields that you need to fill

in I would encourage you to be as

thoughtful and descriptive as possible

again we've created videos on

suggestions on how to do that in short

you want to sell the dream not the

features so tell people how they're

going to use it tell people why being in

your neighborhood is great not just

described it don't assume they know

anything sell the dream and people will

book you want to take your time to make

sure that you fill in as much

information in all the blanks because

people are you looking at this from all

over the world they don't know what's in

your head so assume nothing be really

descriptive about your house rules I

would rather deter a bad guest then host

a bad guest so if you don't want parties

you don't want events you don't want

people below a certain age or whatever

is your house will no smoking no parties

whatever it is put it in there you would

rather not have the booking then have

the booking and have a problem and the

final thing you're going to need to do

once your guest departs is figure out

the key exchange in reverse where are

they leaving the key how is the place

being secured

how are you getting your key back and

you want to make sure that they don't

take the key that's actually happened to

me in a few instances they've had such a

good time and they're running late for

the airport and lock the doors and they

put the key in their pocket so make sure

that you communicate in advance exactly

what your expectations are and what your

process is to get your key back so

congratulations your first guest came

and left and they left you wonderful

reviews you've got your key back and now

the question is what's next simple more

the same do exactly what you just did

only do it better more consistently more

reliably with more hospitality if you

keep doing that you're going to grow

your business the other thing you can do

is subscribe to our channel because

we're putting out value-added content

like this all the time for free to help

you improve your hosting skills and your

hospitality skills and to grow your

business so go ahead and subscribe I

really appreciate your interest please

share this with anybody you think might

be interested in growing their business

and in the meantime happy hosting!