How to Sort a Name List by Same Names in MS Excel : Using Excel & Spreadsheets

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hi I'm Jessica an e-learning specialist

and I'm here to show you how to sort a

names list by the same names in Excel

all right we have a couple of options

depending on what you're trying to do so

first of all here I have a names list

and real quick and easy to sort and just

go here to sort and filter sort a to Z

and there it is

Avery Apple Avery Smith but let's say

that you have a names list like this and

you want to sort it by last names so the

best thing to do is just create a new

column and I'm going to write last name

and then if you're using Microsoft 2013

it's really easy I'm just going to type

Apple and then I will do Smith and if

you saw that flash up there that's

automatic so I know that now I can go to

the next step sell go under fill flash

fill and look at that it figured out