How to Reference Multiple Authors in APA Style

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this video will explain what to do with

works by more than one author in APA

style 6th edition both in the text of

your paper and in your reference list

for more information about referencing

sources using APA check out our video

referencing sources in APA style a basic

introduction let's start with what to do

in the text of your paper in the text

you don't need to include author's

initials when a source has two authors

cite both last names every time you

reference it in your text in a sentence

spell out the word and in parentheses

use the symbol for and next let's look

at what to do in the text when you have

three four or five author's the first

time you cite sources with three to five

authors you include all the last names

just like how we cited two authors after

that when you cite the same source again