MBA Resume Tips: How to Craft the Perfect Resume

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all right hi good morning good afternoon

good evening everyone thank you so much

for joining me here today um before I

even get started I would first like to

thank GMAT for asking me here

and inviting me to present to you I

don't know if you guys know but usually

admissions consultants like me charge

you know a lot of money for our

expertise and GMAT Club is able to

convince us to give you our expertise

for free so to show them how much you

appreciate them doing this as we go

through today's video or heckle right

now start off by giving a like for this

video down below because that will show

GMAT Club that you like having us here

and then they'll be more likely to ask

us back um all right so with that out of

the way hello everyone my name is Maria

wick Vela and today we are going to be