Python Tutorial for Beginners 5: Dictionaries - Working with Key-Value Pairs

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hey there how's it going everybody in

this video we'll be learning about

dictionaries and how we can work with

them and Python

so dictionaries allow us to work with

key value pairs and if you're coming

from another programming language then

you may have heard these called hash

maps or associative arrays so when I say

that we'll be working with key value

pairs these are two linked values where

the key is a unique identifier where we

can find our data and the value is that

data so we can actually think of that

almost like a real physical dictionary

where we look up for definitions so in

that example each word that we look up

would be the key and the definition of

that word would be the value so let's go

ahead and take a look at some examples

so let's say that we wanted to represent