How To Enter A Listing Into The MLS

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everybody James Clark here with a

tutorial on how to upload a listing into

the MLS so without further ado let's get

to it you're going to log into the

matrix and then you're going to go to

the add edit tab right here you're going

to come in and hit add new this is a

residential listing you're going to come

in here you got to select the county

that it is my instance whenever I do

this I always pull up the property

appraiser for this particular

information I grab the parcel ID the

search tool here is a little fickle so I

like to use the tax ID and then I'm

going to identify it and I'm going to

fill it's kind of like doing a realist

tax search okay so now you have all

these particular tabs here running

across the top you've got to go tab by

tab by tab filling this information in