How I Started My Airbnb Business Without Owning Any Real Estate

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I started this business by listening to

a podcast as simple as that what's going

on guys in today's video I'll be going

over how I started my Airbnb business

and how you can to literally anyone that

has a few thousand dollars saved up can

start this opportunity to start

generating cash flow in real estate so I

had this on my mind I was like hey I'm

gonna get involved in real estate

somewhere another initially the idea

sprung into my mind when I heard a

podcast I'm going over to the business

model pretty much how it could benefit

anyone that wants to start making money

in real estate and I sort of you know

listen to this podcast once and I was

like okay this is a great idea

I listen to it twice and then I

initially like I know I I guess was my

intuition telling me I have to do this I

have to act on this now so pretty much

the idea sort of sat on my mind for a

long time I had this thought just it

wouldn't leave my mind so I was like I'm

gonna do what I have to do to get the

ball rolling now in this podcast that I

listened to and I can make it down below

I was a self-made man podcast featuring

some dude that does this full-time after

hearing this podcast and hearing the way

that this guy started I was like dude

listen if this guy can do it I can do it

as well so why not and so I pretty much

implemented the exact same steps that

this guy did in order to get my business

up and going and of course there's

always like little things that are

hitting that popped up that I had to

sort of deal with on my own but for the

most part the structure of the business

model was inspired by this podcast which

is another good reason for you guys to

listen to podcasts instead of listening

to music for entertainment I'll leave

that for another another topic another

video but I really encourage you guys

listen to listen to podcasts and I

really encouraged that part of like

self-development and it's a really good

motivating factor in your life I had a

subscriber comment let us know a little

bit more about how you got started and

so I'm gonna break that down listen to a

podcast had the idea in my mind right so

this guy was doing it successfully and I

decided to just pretty much incorporate

what he did in my own life so what this

guy was doing he had multiple properties

like I mentioned it in the pre and one

of my previous videos I mentioned you

want to scale this to the best of your

ability you want to have multiple

he's generating you income on a monthly

basis there is no better way to do that

than to do it the way that I've started

with this property this idea may not

stay well with a lot of people and I

know the perspective from the landlord

side and the perspective from the renter

side and I've sort of done my research

on I'm renting this property and I have

a written agreement with the landlord

that says I can host an interview and be

in this property and that's pretty much

what it comes down to that's how you can

scale very quickly you can move up and

you know how many properties you have is

by negotiating with multiple landlords

and figuring out like a medium ground

where they allow you to host in their

own property so I'm 21 not not a really

good credit score not a lot of cash

upfront to just are investing multiple

properties and what better way for me to

get started then to start by renting

these properties and still you know

paying the monthly rent and having the

margin for profit at the end of the

month and that's when it comes down to

you so this property I'm gonna show you

to do with the landlord again as the

lawyer to write up a contract he pretty

much gave me the contract saying hey I'm

a lot of hosts and Airbnb and his

property I hope that answers the

question how did I get started so that's

exactly how I started i sat with a

landlord and I negotiated a deal

allowing me to use his property to

generate cash flow I can help you guys

out if you have any questions just leave

them down below this may be an unpopular

opinion with some people just because

they think that you know it's some

policing but it's really not subleasing

you're just doing your operating a

short-term rental so you have to come to

an agreement with the landlord so anyone

let's say you're 18 years old you don't

have money to buy a house you don't have

money to put 20% down on an investment

property what you have you know you have

whatever amount of cash you have set up

you can use that to start generating

multiple thousands a month and start

generating real real estate cash flow so

pretty much after I got everything

figured out on the legal side I said on

my LLC and so everything you know on the

business aspect of things I just got in

here and I furnished the place so after

doing all that I pretty much set up this

Airbnb property based off of what I

would want when I went and said that

multiple everybody's across the states I

decided hey a good Airbnb needs this

this and this so someone up I think you

know it's fairly simple on how I got

started you know I got the initial idea

was inspired by podcasts and I was like

if this guy can do it I can as well my

camera just died so I'm back in my

office getting that figured out for the

outro of this video I pretty much want

to sum up what I was saying earlier so I

listen to a podcast I got inspired I was

like dude this is working for somebody

else I'll make it work for myself I went

out and I found a landlord and we

negotiated a deal and I brought value to

him in some way shape or form

to where he was willing to let me use

his property as an Airbnb rental you

have to be a guide to the landlord if

you just go up to the landlord and say

hey lose your property he may not really

want to hear you out and you may say get

my face you're wasting my time if it's a

win-win for you and landlord then it'll

be a done deal and I've talked to

multiple landlords and I've been you

know landlords that told me dude get out

of my face

so you kind of have to do a little bit

of exploring a little bit of digging and

it's not that hard once you get your

first property we'll having social proof

needed to go out and be like hey this is

working for this landlord can we work

something out and it's sort of it helps

you a lot moving forward that's why I

think this opportunity is so easy for

anyone to get started because you don't

need any real estate upfront you just

need you know a few thousand dollars to

buy the furniture buy everything needed

by all the amenities required to host

you know a comfortable Airbnb be sure to

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