How To Put Your Property On Airbnb

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Well, putting your property on Airbnb is not as straightforward as you think. I'm

going to give you the exact thing to do so that you don't get burned. Let's go.

I'm gonna share with you the fastest and straightforward way to get your

properties on Airbnb. Number 2, I'm going to share with you the pitfalls that

you need to avoid so that you don't get all messed up. And then number 3, I'm

going to walk you through step by step how to do it so that you don't miss anything.

Well, what is Airbnb? Let's first start there. is a website for Home

sharing, okay? It's a home-sharing website where normal people like you and me can

go on there and put our property, our entire property. Or we can put rooms in

our property. Rooms in our house or our apartment or whatever on the

website and start making money to other normal people that would like to share.

Now, here's the thing because this is an amazing, amazing concept. The whole

sharing economy is actually amazing from cars to properties to homes to to purses,

to clothes. I mean, we like to share. And it is a very good economy for you to be

in. So, let's talk about the Airbnb home-sharing app so that you can kind of

understand. Like I said, one it's a website and then two, of course, it's an

app. And the great thing about Airbnb is it has so many opportunities that most

people don't even know about. So, the great thing about Airbnb is its

exponential growth. The Airbnb website has been around for I think a little

over 10 years at the time of this recording. And it is one of the largest

home sharing websites in the world, okay? I think it's number one right now. The