How to Get a For Sale By Owner Listing.... Everytime

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hi it's Ben from 20 new clients the

entire model of the real estate launch

program and the whole model of how I run

my real estate business is creating a

world-class client experience one client

at a time now

the I'm gonna tell you story one of the

coaching clients who absolutely went

over and above to go after this Fizbo

which is a for sale by owner so he had

this open house I'm just it just blows

my mind he had an open house he did

really well he got some leads and he

epin he had some potential leads to sell

the house now he's picking up his

science which by the way he had 14 signs

he's halfway done picking them up he

sees this little sign and it's a for

sale by owner sign and there's one sign

he had to literally go and guess which

house it is he finally goes I guess this