Listing elements in a set

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okay this problems one of my favorites

it's actually in my personal area of

interest called set theory this is the

beginning levels of what I'm very

interested in is a research topic so

we're gonna write the set as a list of

elements as opposed to what we call here

set builder notation where we just

describe a rule so I did Josh else in

here j j is equal to now this is read as

the set of Z's such that this vertical

line is such that Z is an integer needs

no decimal no fraction and negative 1 is

less than or equal to Z is less than 3

so first we put the beginning set theory

bracket or the Jay Leno brock and I like

the cool cuz it's got the big chin right

there so see C has to be an integer or

no decimal or fraction part and Z needs

to be in between negative 1 and 3

including negative 1 but not quite