Resume for babysitting

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hi I'm too big for this babysitting job

because I love working children but

first I would have to convince you that

I am perfect fit for you let me tell you

about how we really think babysitting us

this may help you understand more about

me I find babysitting to be very

educating job when I don't activities

with children I learn new things

everything has something to learn from

the others I will not just be a

babysitter of your son but I've become

his friend who can laugh did smile and

learn from each other and if you wish

for me to be more educating to your

child I can prepare fun activities they

can give you a valuable lesson while

having fun I have a lot of experience

with children and I know that parents

are mostly worried about their children

safely you do not have to worry about

anything or make sure that your children

don't get near any danger my eyes will

be locked onto your children every

single second I would second by myself

if I have to do so to save your son's

life I'll take the full responsibility

of your child in addition I am good at

doing housework when your son falls

asleep and if you can tell me about

simple house works including cooking I

will gladly finish those jobs but of

course my eyes will always look at your

son I just said everything about me of

the late to house works and babysitting

if you think I convinced you well that I

fee for your son's babysitting please

feel free to hire me thank you