How to list your house for rent on SECTION 8 Housing-landlord

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okay round up family I'm gonna bring you

in teach with you to show you how we go

right down here to the redevelopment and

housing authority to put your property

on section 8 slash the how to housing

choice about your program let's do it so

I'm right here at the housing switch

this one is here which you see you can

read that Newport News redevelopment and

housing authority where that's not

backwards you can see that

so we'll go right inside hopefully they

let me record while we're here I don't

know why they don't have this stuff come

down here fill it out so that they can

see your beautiful smile I'm presuming

which I'll see what they say to a player

as I stand here how many times have I

been out here to the redevelopment and

housing office usually nobody's here

this is what it looks like mound of