TOP 7 Interview Questions and Answers (PASS GUARANTEED!)

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hi everyone my name's Richard McMunn

from the Korea Gardens company how to

become calm and ace presentation I'm

going to give you the top 7 interview

questions and answers okay so take notes

I'm going to go through the top 7

questions I'm even gonna give you some

tips on how to answer them positively

and then I'm gonna give you sample

responses to these questions that you

can use during your interview so first

and foremost a quick brief introduction

to myself very warm welcome to this

presentation as I said my name is

Richard McMunn and prior experience have

spent four years in the Royal Navy 17

years as a firefighter during that time

and I spent much of my work in the

recruitment department interviewing

people like you for jobs and creating

interview questions I then founded the

award-winning career guidance website

how to become calm and I'm an interview

coach and a career guidance expert and

I'm very passionate about helping people

like you to achieve their potential and

also hoping you get the job of your

dreams so in this video I'm gonna go

through these seven questions the

questions you're likely to get asked to

any kind of interview I'll give you some

tips and answers so let's get straight

into it question number one tell me

about yourself it's generally an

introductory interview question one that

gives you the opportunity to warm up you

can be prepared for it but here's a few

tips before you answer this question

concentrate on telling the interview

panel about your work related skills as

opposed to your home life they might

appear to be interested but trust me

they're not they're not interested in

your home life they want to know to see

whether you're gonna be a good fit to

their team whether you've got the skills

and attributes relevant to the to the

role this is really important guys make

sure you download a copy of the person

specification for the job you're

applying for if there is one and focus

on telling the interview panel how your

skills and attributes match the document

or give you a sample response in a

second this is another good thing

throughout the whole interview use power

words in your responses such as

motivated I'm a motivated person I'm

really enthusiastic I'm loyal I'm

flexible I'm a committed person I'm an

honor start working adaptable etc now

these will resonate

positively with the interview panel okay

so they cook their powerful words their

positive words that you and put you

across in a good light and they will

make the interview panel feel good about

you because they want to employ people

who are positive motivated flexible and

committee trust me I'm an employer who

interviews all the time and this is what

I want to hear from people so I

mentioned in the previous slide about

the person specification the second one

download a copy of the person

specification so before I give you an

answer to this question tell me about

yourself let's have a look at a person

specification quickly for the the job

you can see across the top their

customer care assistant let's say you're

applying for a job in that role and you

can see here the requirements so I've

downloaded this and it says you've got

to have a positive positive and customer

focused approach you've got to work

accurately you've got to be able to

problem-solve you've got to be able to

consult and negotiate so I would study

this and then in my response to the

question tell me about yourself I would

say you know I'm a positive person I'm

always focused on the customer and I'm

renowned for working accurate so I have

a good attention to detail because

they're looking out for these things as

well in the interview panel so if you

start to mention them earlier on then

you're going to gain high marks and

that's what you want to do is you want

to tick boxes but you also want to come

across as if you are a positive person

who can fit into their team let's have a

look at a sample response or tell me

about yourself okay first and foremost I

am a hard-working loyal and enthusiastic

person who understands how important

work is to my overall happiness I take

my work very seriously and I'm always

looking to improve my skills and

qualifications so I can work to the

highest standards possible in my role I

genuinely believe there are two types of

employee the first is someone who turns

up to work and does their job so they

can just pay their bills and the second

employee type is someone who puts their

all into their job he's totally

committed and does all they can to help

their employer achieve their goals I am

the second employee type and I believe

my previous track record and strong

appraisals demonstrate just that I have

excellent communication skills and fully

understand how important it is to

deliver outstanding customer care after

all without the customer there

be no business and I would not have a

job I also have very good organizational

skills and always plan my weeks work in

advance to make sure I perform to a high


now having studied the person

specification of this job in detail I

strongly believe I can perform the role

to a high standard and would very much

appreciate the opportunity to work for

your company if I am successful today I

can assure you that I will bring a great

deal of experience loyalty and positive

qualities to your team so you can see

that that response I've just given you

is very much tailored around that person

specification so have a look at the job

even if there isn't a person

specification because some companies

don't give one out read the job advert

and try and think about the qualities

that that job adverb and that job would

require and then tailor your response to

that so don't forget what I said in the

tips when responding to the question

tell me about yourself focus on your

work related skills and not you know all

this is what I do at home this well do

at weekends they're not interested okay

question number two why do you want to

work here or why'd you want to work for

this employer here's some tips before

you answer this question

tell the interview panel about the

preparation work you've done in the

build-up to the interview focus again on

the person specification the job

description and information you have

gleaned from the company's website and

also the literature you have studied

during your research so before you go

along to the interview you should have

looked on their website you should

should have a look at the about Us and

part because they could say to you what

tell us about our company you know you

should be able to answer that question

so let's have a look at a sample

response why do you want to work here

having studied the person specification

and the job description finish role I

feel I have the skills qualities and

attributes to carry out the job to a

very high standard I also feel the role

will give me a new fresh challenge

something which I've been looking for

for some time now having also studied

your company in detail there seems to be

a very positive approach to the work you

carry out and I also very much like the

way you strive to deliver a high

standard of customer care fine levels of

customer care are not common nowadays

and I certainly want to work in a

company that looks after its customers

as I enjoy seeing positive customer

interaction feedback and testimonials

within my job also during my research I

managed to speak to two

employees who work for you and they had

nothing but positive things to say about

your company both of them have worked

for you for quite a few years now and

they appeared very happy in their work

now if I am successful I plan to stay

with you for a long time so it was good

to see that you employ happy positive

people within your team finally after

reading the Job Description I understand

there will be opportunities to both

train develop and take on further

qualifications within the company this

is something that is very much appealing

to me as I always like to grow and

improve as an employee okay question

number three what are your strengths

this is a real common interview question

let me give you some tips again focus on

the person spec for the role you're

applying for so if one of the

requirements of the job is that you're

an effective team worker then you should

say I'm great at working with people you

know I can get along with the majority

of people say something different in

your response that makes you stand out

from other job applicants so you could

give an example here of why you're

better than the other applicants and try

to make yourself relatable and real okay

let's have a look at a sample response

to the interview question what are your

strengths I have many positive qualities

and attributes to bring to this role but

I believe my main key strengths are I

have a hard-working nature I have an

enthusiastic demeanor I am always

looking for the positives in every

situation I am a great team player I

like to support and help develop other


I am dependable now one thing that I

feel makes me stand out from the

majority of employees is that I am

always looking for ways to improve the

way I perform at work for example

following an appraisal last year my line

manager identified that she wanted me to

develop my negotiating skills as soon as

the approach appraisal was complete I

searched online for a distance-learning

negotiating course and studied hard in

this area to improve my skills once I

had completed the course and I had the

opportunity to put it into practice what

I'd learned my line manager commented

that she had noticed a significant

improvement in this area and

congratulated me for taking the positive

approach to the feedback she gave me at

the appraisal question number four where

do you see yourself in five years time

again this is a common interview

question here's a few tips

tell them you plan to have moved on from

their company either internally or

externally so what I mean by that is you

want to see you don't want to say well I

plan to be of you a couple of years but

really my goal is to work for another

company or do a different role and also

you don't really say well as soon as I'm

trying up I want to be going for a

promotion yes it's important to sound

enthusiastic but there is a better way

of answering this question which I'll

give you in a second now loyalty is

really important to the vast majority of

employers remember they've got to spend

time money and resources training you up

in the role so they want to see a return

from their investment don't tell them

you want to be sat where they are about

this in interviews where I say to

someone where do you see yourself in

five years time and they go well I want

to be sat where you are it's quite an

arrogant response

okay yes they might have aspirations to

to get to a higher level but that's not

the time to say of the interview okay

question number four response where did

you see yourself in five years time if I

am successful today the first thing I

plan to do is get competent in the role

as soon as possible I have no idea how

long this will take however based on my

high levels of enthusiasm I aim to get

trained up really quickly now once I am

trained up in the role to a good

standard I would like to consolidate my

skills and become experienced within the

team it is very important to me to be

accepted and respected by my work

colleagues and peers and I also want to

do well in my appraisals so I guess the

short answer to this question is that I

want to become good at my job be

accepted by my team and low managers and

also enjoy my work as much as possible

now if the opportunity presents itself

for me to progress within the

organization that would be amazing

all in all I plan to stay with the

company long term if I am successful at

interview question number five what are

your weaknesses this is obviously an

opposite - what are your strengths here

are some tips for this response anyone

who tells the interview panel they have

no weaknesses is telling porkies now we

all have weaknesses and it's important

to say I would not want to hear a

response to this question well I've got

no weaknesses I'm perfect really because

not everybody is we all have weaknesses

but don't give a weakness that is one of

the key requirements of the role for

example if punctuality and good time


which they are for the majority of jobs

don't tell the panel you struggle

getting out of bed in the morning and

you can turn your weakness into a

positive let's have a look at a sample

response to the question what are your

weaknesses okay I do have one weakness

and that is I sometimes get slightly

irritated when people don't carry out

their work to a high standard because I

set myself high standards I expect

others to have them too and this is not

always the case although it can irritate

me at times I have learnt to just focus

on my own job and do it to a consistent

high standard but having said that I

have recently been trying to turn this

weakness into something positive by

helping other people within the working

environment to improve so if I notice a

member of the team struggling or not

performing to the required standard I

will always offer to help them improve

which I feel can only serve to have a

positive impact on the organization and

its goals overall question number six

what makes a good team member a really

common interview question here's some

tips list the qualities I'm gonna give

you in the sample answer that follows

then backup your answer with a specific

example of when you have worked as well

as part of a team and make sure you use

a star technique in your response now

the star technique is when you describe

your response or the situation using a

structured format you explain what the

situation was you then explain the tasks

that you have to carry out you then

explain the action that you undertook

and then what was the result

following your actions and if you follow

that process you will hundred percent

give a specific example employers are

always looking for specific or

behavioral responses to some of the

interview questions okay sample response

what makes a good team member effective

teamwork is vital in any organization

and I feel what makes a good team member

is having a dedicated leader first of

all an ability to focus on the end goal

great communication amongst the team

members and its leader a comprehensive

initial brief so that every member of

the team knows what they are going to to

achieve and how they achieve the task

being supportive of the other team

members learning from any mistakes that

were made you an ATAR so that things

could improve for next time

a team is only as

as its weakest link and it is important

that everyone within the team works

together and helps each other out

number seven can you give an example of

when you have worked well under pressure

another common interview question here

are some tips before we get into the

sample response try to give an example

of when you've carried out a difficult

pressurized task under strict time

constraints give a specific example and

don't forget to use a star technique in

your response so again situation task

action result and the next response the

sample response will give you follows

the star technique so here's my sample

response - can you give an example of

when you've worked well under pressure

yes I can I am often required to carry

out time-sensitive tasks under pressure

but one particular incident springs to

mind I work in a large retail shop just

outside of town one Friday a few weeks

ago my manager called a team meeting and

he explained to all of us that a large

delivery was due to arrive within a

couple of hours time now unfortunately

the dilaloo that delivery was a week

early and he'd not had time to prepare

we were understaffed at the time and it

was already 4 p.m. on Friday so we only

had one hour after the store had closed

at 5:00 p.m. to get the stock take

accepted loaded in-store and check for

accuracy he asked all of us whether we

would volunteer to help him out with the

delivery I immediately put my hand up

and volunteered to help I could see that

he was slightly flustered and he clearly

needed help from the team unfortunately

only myself or one of a member of staff

offered to help however we were both

determined to do a good job for our

manager we immediately started planning

how we were going to get get the stock

unloaded checked and placed in store

within the 1 hour time slot allocated we

decided to play to play to each other's

strengths I would utilize my

organizational inaccuracy skills to

check the stock as it came off the lorry

whilst my colleague would carry it all

to the stockroom as he was physically

strong and extremely fit as we progress

with Attar's we communicated with each

other to make sure we were working to

the required standards and timeframe the

end result was that we completed the

task thoroughly with just 6 minutes to

spare this gave us time to report back

to our manager who thanked us for

volunteering and were

Oh God to achieve the goal okay so

that's the sample response what I'd like

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