RESUME BUILDING FOR FRESHERS - PART 1 | Sample Resume Format | Resume Writing Tips

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hi friends this is devyani from to this

session today we are going to talk about

a transition that a campus students can

make to corporate for that there are

many parameters first is resume second

is cover letter third is GD then it is

your interview the personal interview

and the final is the grooming but today

in this session we are only going to

speak about resume building now resume

it sounds very easy right but resume

itself is a very complicated thing

why because resume is the first point of

contact that you will make to the

interviewer here now since it is

technically advanced and technologically

advanced resume is one thing that you

can send through online as well so now

what about the online resume and their

resume that you carry in papers don't

worry they are same so don't worry about

whatever you send and whatever you carry

in an interview both could be the same

thing today we will be talking about the

resume format and what and all go in

resume to start with I'll be only

talking about the freshers who have

never ever experienced in work industry

or any field for that matter so how the

resume will look for them and then I'll

come down for the people who are already

having work experience in a company on

an industry so what is the difference

between both these resume so to start

with I will talk about the freshers yes

so the resume format when you talk about

a resume format it should have

everything aligned towards your left

side right after the read left side it

is aligned the first thing the header

which comes is your name right after the

name is your email address followed by

your phone number now please understand

your name should come in the left and

then the next line your email and the

next line your phone number yeah then

towards your right side should be your

photograph in the photograph

please do not attach on the paper it

should be asked and one your photo

should be a professional it should have

probably a coat on properly a tie for

girls tie is not required it could be

just a coat and a white formal shirt

that should be the size a passport size

scanned copies enough for a resume

please do not attach a hard copy of your

photograph on your resume because if you

are sending through online again it

should be scanned and then you are

taking a printout of your resume again

the photo should come along with it

moving forward this is the first thing

that comes in the heading

moving forward to the structure of

resume the first and very complicated is

your objective objective by it is

complicated because this is the first

thing that a interviewer or a person who

is going through your resume will see

that what is your objective what is your

objective regarding your career what is

your objective regarding coming to that

particular company or what is our

objective regarding choosing a

particular field now your objective

should not start with I want to or I

would like to have a career or I am very

good at

no I we them they're us these kinds of

words knee or my similarly these kinds

of words should not be included in the

objective so what should come in an

objective a very simple

please use articles use preposition now

what are these now to start with the

objective could be seeking a position in

ya or to seek a position in so these are

certain standardized format that you can

use during an objective please do not

use again please do not use I my knee my

skills my career no to seek an

opportunity in organization which

provides an ample opportunity to exhibit

the skills right so it's very

standardized format and please do not

use the same thing that what I said

because the objective could be different

for different people

so what is your objective for my

suggestion is please formulate around

three to four objective and then

formulate a one out of all these so that

you can get an idea that what exactly do

you want it's a very rigorous exercise

so which would require around one hour

say two hours to just formulate a very

beautiful objective which would impress

a interviewer now the formulation of

objective should be such that that it

should have a backup now what is a

backup now the for freshers the backup

would be the project that they have

handled the kind of exposure that they

have got during the college days or

during the the internship that they have

time so these are the backups for them

now what they have learnt out of those

internship or the projects and so on and

so forth whatever they have learned

should come in the objective that they

were interested in for say they were

interested in marketing to seek a

position in marketing field right could

be an objective now if you have done

something in an HR field then you can

say to seek a position in HR field and

so on and so forth you can formulate

your objective again formulating an

objective is a very rigorous task

please take out your time and formulate

around three to four objectives and then

come up with one particular objective

moving forward after the objective comes

the academic qualifications here in the

academic qualification you should have

around five sections in those five

sections that will be vertical

the first section will include course

what goes have you done and then the

name of the institution from where you

have done then comes the board which

board did you pass from after that comes

your percentage which percentage so

around four sections are enough for that

matter for our freshers to come in so

the first which says the course which

will fill a bachelor's degree or a

master's degree then your a PUC second

level and then SSLC that is tenth

standard so if you have done an MBA that

should be coming the first one

so it has to be in a decreasing order

the highest qualification to your lowest

qualification for example if you have

done MBA please write MBA then what

institution have you done from XYZ and

after that which board was it was it a

Bangalore University or a Mysore

University or any other University and

then what percentage did you achieved

and if you are still pursuing and still

want to aspire for job then in

percentage column you can write still

pursuing right after that comes your

bachelor degree then your twelfth and

your tenth the same has to be followed

the same pattern has to be followed now

for the people who are already having a

work experience and are not freshers

their academic qualification could come

in the last part of the resume that

could be in the second page and could be

the last heading or second last heading

but for the people or for the freshers

who are just coming out and going for a

corporate interview their academic

qualification are required at the second

why because the person who was viewing

your resume will be more interested in

what you are done and what are your

qualification with respect to academics

right moving forward from academics

comes your project whatever projects you

have done now for the people who are

already working to not require your

projects because they are already

including their work experiences so now

for freshers projects is the second

title apart from objective that's not

been counted because it's there the

first heading is academic qualification

the second is your project now what is

the project project is again when you

are doing your become or for that matter

any bachelor's degree or if you are

doing MBA they require you to do some

desert ation or projects those projects

should be included here how you can

arrange the projects and what to include

I will come that first you should put up

your name of the company name of the

company whatever project you have done

if you have done in a company then the

name of the company

Elka if you have not done do not worry

please write the secondary the secondary

church that you have done just put a

project title there if you have done you

know something a consumer satisfaction

and automobile industry just put the

project title but please ensure that you

have a backup again backup means that

you have a proof for it if some day or

the other person who's interviewing you

could ask you about the same thing you

are able to answer it please do not fake

in your resume it's a very very

important thing right so now the project

title if you are done in a company then

name of the company suppose XYZ is the

name of the company and if not then

project title like for example consumer

satisfaction in an automobile industries

the second the second heading will be

the project outline yeah under project

the first is project title or the name

of the company then comes your project

outline project outline need not to be

more than three sentences in project

outline you are just supposed to enter

what was the project all about and what

did you do only three sentences are more

than enough please try to be very crisp

and precise when you write a resume

because the person who's interviewing

you has so many other candidates

followed by you to look upon so he

doesn't have that much of time to go

through it so it should be very precise

right after the project outline that you

have given four three lines just use two

or three bullet points stating

emphasizing that what you have done for

example if you have done a consumer

satisfaction in automobile and you were

as an HR internee then you would mention

you were you know involved in payroll

packages you were involved you know HR

analytics or probably in hiring process

or filtering process or screening

process and so on and so forth you

cannot add as much as you can but try to

be very crisp and precise two to three

bullet points are more than enough to

tell what you have done in particular

project so those three are two bullet


or something which an interviewer will

see and will bang on