Virtual Resume | Heather Hughes

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okay didn't see you there

my name's Heather so recently I

graduated from the University of

Tennessee and yes I have sang Rocky Top

and insane amount of times my degree at

UT was in business analytics and I also

had a collateral in marketing while I

was at UT I had one internship with the

Knoxville chamber and basically what I

did there was work with a program called

member MD and I looked at the data from

that program and using Excel I would

search for relationships and insights in

that data I also had a couple other job

fellows in school one was with PacSun in

the mall and the other was with the

restaurant called glucose grilled so

basically what I learned from those jobs

was how to interact with customers and I

got a lot more comfortable doing it I

can also fold t-shirts a lot better now

and balance a tray of drinks like a boss

I was also part of a club type thing at

UT called the management Society where I

was able to become a lot more involved

in the community we were able to raise

money for an organization called noble

meals one semester we even went to a

nursing home and played board games with

them and it was absolutely adorable some

of the skills that I was able to obtain

wall I was at UT the Microsoft Office

suite Word Excel PowerPoint access I got


I also took courses in forecasting and

data mining and during my 17 and 18 hour

semesters I was able to become a master

of organization in multitasking through

group projects I was able to become a

better collaborator and communicator my

statistics courses enabled me to become

a lot more detail-oriented as well so

because of the time that I was brought

up in social media has been a huge part

of my life so I'll have extensive

experience with that well their Facebook

Twitter Instagram snapchat YouTube


Plus vine it all of them basically I

have accounts - all of them which is

really sad but in my defense I don't

have an account with tinder and I only

use a couple of those primarily being

Facebook Instagram and YouTube so now

that I have literally walked you through

my resume I want to tell you a little

bit more about me personally in high

school I played basketball tennis and

ran cross-country yes I did wear my hair

like that for a game once and yes in

tennis matches my doubles partner and I

would wear headbands and fanny packs

extremely intimidating I know aside from

my hair accomplishment I did score a

thousand points in basketball and get

this really cool ball also I was in high

school I got a video camera for

Christmas one year and since then I have

been hooked on shooting videos and

editing them and just creating content

some of my favorites so far that I've

created are stop-motion love story which

I created for my then boyfriend now

fiance the video asking my best friends

to be my bridesmaids called meet the

bridesmaids video my dad and I took

while diving in the keys last summer and

what I'm working on now that is about

getting engaged in 2010 a show called

the berry Life came out and inspired me

to make a bucket list of my own I'm

still adding things to it just about

weekly I even have a little notepad in

my phone where if I think of something I

can type it in real fast I won't forget

some of the stuff that I've checked off

since creating it ziplining hot-air

ballooning and then this happened so

that was pretty cool

and my favorite so far of course

skydiving's I'm also a certified scuba

diver which was my birthday present when

I turned 15 so traveling is one of my

absolute favorite things to do and I've

been fortunate enough to grow some

pretty cool places so far in my life

since graduating high school I've been

to the Bahamas Daytona Beach the swamp

and Gainesville Myrtle Beach Gulf Shores

Miami Keywest and all throughout the

keys New Orleans

Mexico San Francisco Chicago and

recently Milwaukee and last but not

least I have an adorable dog named Casey

and an extremely fat cat named Cleo well

alrighty I think that about sums up the

most interesting things about me I hope

you enjoyed learning a little bit more

about me and my personal background in

my educational background if you would

like to contact me here's my email I'm

not gonna put my phone number on here

because there are way too many creepers

on the internet but I will be sure to

get that to you just in case you would

like to give me a call I will go ahead

and include some of my social media

links in the description if you want to

find me on LinkedIn or Instagram or

anything like that so contact me in some

way shape or form and we will set up a

time to meet in person thank you so much

for watching and have an awesome rest of

the day or night or whatever time it is

that you happen to be watching this