How To Plumb a Bathroom (with free plumbing diagrams)

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hello Dylan here from hammer PDA calm

and in today's video you're about to

learn how to plumb a bathroom I'm

talking drains and vents also stick

around to the end of this video because

I'll send you the plumbing diagrams for

these two bathrooms the first diagram is

for the bathroom I'm about to plumb in

this video and the second diagram you'll

get is for this full bathroom right here

more in these diagrams in just a minute

alright so before you plumb a bathroom

you need to know some basic rough-in

measurements let's start with the toilet

I'm using a 4 inch closet flange here

the center of the flange is roughed in

twelve inches measured from the finished

wall if you're measuring from an

unfinished wall add in your wall

thickness most likely that's half-inch

drywall which puts the center of the