Job You Can Leave-Off Your Resume to Avoid Resume Gaps

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hey everybody Don Georgevich here

with Job Interview Tools and today I want to talk

about your resume and more specifically

what you can leave off your resume so if

you want to know more about that and go

ahead hit the like button on this video

subscribe to my channel and ring bell

and we'll dive right in so I get a

question from a subscriber he writes and

he says hey Don I was working for four

months at a job

I got fired it's kind of a black eye is

it okay if I leave that job off my

resume absolutely yes you got to

remember a resume is not a confession

you do not have to confess to everything

everywhere every place that you have

worked at or every experience that you

have that's not the point of a resume if

we did that I mean would all have ten

page resumes so you are allowed to pick